Monday, December 6, 2010

LSN: Man threatens to shoot Rockford pro-lifers outside abortion facility


ROCKFORD, Illinois, December 6, 2010 ( - A man accompanying a woman into the notorious Rockford abortion mill on December 3 threatened to shoot pro-life sidewalk counselors, according to witnesses.
Rockford pro-life veteran Kevin Rilott told LifeSiteNews that the incident happened on Friday, when a group of five abortion supporters from the Chicago area showed up at the Northern Illinois Women’s Center. They stood at the driveway to the abortion facility shouting at mothers not to talk with pro-life sidewalk counselors.
Pro-lifers had parked a free mobile ultrasound motor home near the facility. Rilott said it appeared that the abortion supporters had come to Rockford with the sole purpose of trying to block mothers from using the free ultrasounds. In an attempt to confuse and turn away mothers, the abortion mill security guard had even placed a sign near the ultrasound motor home that said, “Free Abortions In Motor-home.”
At one point during the morning the pro-life counselors were confronted by a man who was bringing a young lady into the clinic for an abortion. Rilott said that the man appeared to be “emboldened” by the shouting of the pro-abortion protesters.
According to multiple witnesses, the man reached into his pocket and pretended that he had a gun. He then pulled his hand out of his pocket in the shape of a handgun and looked directly at the pro-lifers and said, “What would you do if I pulled out my .45 and put a bullet in your head?”
The pro-lifers called the police and filed a police report. A representative from the police department told LifeSiteNews that it would take up to five days to obtain a copy of the report, but said that no arrest was made at the time.
Donna Modica, among many of the pro-lifers who witnessed the incident, said, “It’s clear these abortion supporters think that because they can kill a baby in the womb, they can do whatever they want to anyone. The violence of abortion breeds more violence.”
A witness at the Rockford abortuary said that later on the morning of December 3, the owner of the facility, Wayne Webster, came out and taunted one of the pro-lifers saying, “Maybe he should have shot you.”
There have been a number of serious cases of pro-abortion violence in recent months. Last week LifeSiteNews reported on the attack on the home of pro-life leaders Joseph and Ann Scheidler, who live close to Rockford.
The Scheidler’s front windows were smashed in with bricks of asphalt. One of the bricks contained a note that said, “We are crazy feminist bi***es who will destroy your sexist ideas.”

And these hypocrites say WE'RE the violent ones?

The violence of the abortion industry and its supporters knows no bounds!  May God have mercy on them all.

St. Michael the Archangel, ora pro nobis!

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