Wednesday, February 24, 2010

PP is at it again

MILWAUKEE, February 23, 2010 ( - New undercover footage shows staff at a Milwaukee, Wisc. Planned Parenthood abortion clinic apparently breaking the law by counseling a purportedly 14-year-old statutory rape victim not to tell anyone about her 31-year-old boyfriend, and coaching her how to obtain an abortion without her parents' consent.
The new video, the seventh in a series from Live Action documenting similar behavior in 5 other states, comes amid recent controversy about Planned Parenthood's compliance with state laws regarding minors and abortion.
Seventh time the folks at Planned Parenthood have been caught attempting to cover up statutory rape in order to facilitate an abortion.  I'm not surprised anymore.  PP cares nothing for the lives of women and their unborn babies, just how many dollars they bring in.  A vile organization if there ever was one.

Please, do NOT allow them to build any abortuaries in your neighborhood, and write to your representatives to defund this evil organization!

Olympics Report: US picks up Second Nordic Combined Medal

The United States Nordic combined team picked up it's second medal in the team event.  Austria laid claim to the gold medal, defending their gold from the Torino games, while Germany picked up the bronze.

Nordic Combined Team Large Hill-Cross Country Final Standings
1.  Austria (Bernard Gruber/David Kreiner/Felix Gottwald/Mario Stecher), G
2.  United States (Brett Camerota/Todd Lodwick/Johnny Spillane/Bill Demong), S
3.  Germany (Johannes Rydzek/Tino Edelmann/Eric Frenzel/Bjorn Kircheisen), B
4.  France (Maxime LaHeurte/Francois Braud/Sebastien LaCroix/Jason Lamy Chappuis)
5.  Norway (Jan Schmid/Espen Rian/Petter L. Tande/Magnus Moan)
6.  Japan (Taihei Kato/Daito Takahashi/Akito Watabe/Norihito Kobayashi)
7.  Finland (Janne Ryynaenen/Jaakko Tallus/Anssi Koivuranta/Hannu Manninen)
8.  Czech Republic (Ales Vodsedalek/Miroslav Dvorak/Tomas Slavik/Pavel Churavy)
9.  Switzerland (Seppi Hurschler/Tim Hug/Tommy Schmid/Ronny Heer)
10.  Italy (Alessandro Pittin/Giuseppe Michielli/Lukas Runggaldier/Armin Bauer)

Bode Miller, looking for his fourth Vancouver medal in the men's giant slalom, failed to finish after skiing out on the course.  Switzerland's Carlo Janka won the gold medal, with Norwegians Kjetil Jansgrud and Aksel Lund Svindal winning silver and bronze, respectively.

Men's Giant Slalom Final Standings (Top 15)
1.  Carlo Janka (SUI), G
2.  Kjetil Jansgrud (NOR), S
3.  Aksel Lund Svindal (NOR), B
4.  Marcel Hirscher (AUT)
5.  Romed Baumann (AUT)
6.  Benjamin Raich (AUT)
7.  Ivica Kostelic (CRO)
8.  Felix Neureuther (GER)
9.  Ted Ligety (USA)
10.  Ales Gorza (SLO)
11.  Massimiliano Blardonne (ITA)
12.  Philipp Schoerghoffer (AUT)
13.  Steve Missillier (FRA)
14.  Didier Cuche (SUI)
15.  Sandro Viletta (SUI)

It was the women's turn to hit the ski cross course, and the Canadians came up big, with Ashleigh McIvor winning the event's inaugural gold medal. 

Women's Ski Cross Final Standings (Top Eight)
1.  Ashleigh McIvor (CAN), G
2.  Hedda Berntsen (NOR), S
3.  Marion Jasserand (FRA), B
4.  Karin Huttary (AUT)
5.  Kelsey Surwa (CAN)
6.  Anna Holmund (SWE)
7.  Fanny Smith (SUI)
8.  Julie Brendengen Jensen (NOR)

The Dutch speed skating team suffered a heartbreak at the Richmond Oval when Sven Kramer, widely favored to win the gold medal in the men's 10,000m, made a lane change error and was disqualified.  Korean Lee Seung-Hoon ended up with the gold, while Ivan Skobrev of Russia won the silver and Kramer's teammate Bob De Jong won the bronze.

Men's Speed Skating 10,000m Final Standings (Top 8)
1.  Lee Seung-Hoon (KOR), G
2.  Ivan Skobrev (RUS), S
3.  Bob De Jong (NED), B
4.  Alexis Contin (FRA)
5.  Håvard Bøkko (NOR)
6.  Sverre Haugli (NOR)
7.  Henrik Christiansen (NOR)
8.  Jonathan Kuck (USA)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Olympics Report: Bodie Miller Takes Gold, US Bobsled Drought Continues

Bode Miller completed his comeback from his disastrous performance in the Torino games by completing his medal set with a gold medal win in the men's super combined with a total time (the times from the downhill and slalom portions are combined) of 2:44:92.  Croatia's Ivica Kostelic finished with the silver medal, and Swiss skier Silvan Zurbriggen claimed bronze.  Defending Torino gold medalist Ted Ligety finished fifth.

Men's Super Combined Final Standings (Top 15)
1.  Bode Miller (USA), G
2.  Ivica Kostelic (CRO), S
3.  Silvan Zurbriggen (SUI), B
4.  Carlo Janka (SUI)
5.  Ted Ligety (USA)
6.  Benjamin Raich (AUT)
7.  Ondrej Bank (CZE)
8.  Christof Innerhofer (ITA)
9.  Kjtetil Jansrud (NOR)
10.  Will Brandenburg (USA)
11.  Andrew Weibrecht (USA)
12.  Andrien Theaux (FRA)
13.  Dominik Paris (ITA)
15.  Sandro Viletta (SUI)
16.  Ryan Semple (CAN)

The US medal drought in the men's two-man bobsled event continued Sunday.  American driver Steve Holcomb, expected to be a contender for a medal, finished in fifth place with teammate Curt Tomasevicz.  Germany went one two with gold and silver medal wins, while Russia claimed the bronze.

Two-Man Bobsled Final Standings (Top 15)
1.  GER1 (Andre Lange/Kevin Cuske), G
2.  GER2 (Thomas Florschuetz/Richard Adjei), S
3.  RUS1 (Aleksandr Zoubkov/Alexey Voevoda), B
4.  SUI1 (Ivo Rueegg/Cedric Grand)
5.  CAN2 (Pierre Lueders/Jesse Lumsden)
6.  USA1 (Steve Holcomb/Curt Tomasevicz)
7.  RUS2 (Dmitry Abramovitch/Sergey Prudnikov)
8.  LAT1 (Edgars Maskalans/Daumants Dreiskens)
9.  GER3 (Karl Angerer/Gregor Bermbach)
10.  USA2 (John Napier/Steve Langton)
11.  ROU1 (Nicolae Istrate/Florin Cezar Craciun)
12.  USA3 (Mike Kohn/Nick Cunningham)
13.  CZE1 (Ivo Danilevic/Jan Stoklaska)
14.  NED1 (Edwin van Calker/Sybren Jansma)
15.  CAN1 (Lyndon Rush/David Bisset)

The inaugural ski cross event ended with the Swiss claiming the gold medal, followed by Austria with silver and Norway with bronze.

Men's Ski Cross Final Standings
1.  Michael Schmid (SUI), G
2.  Andreas Matt (AUT), S
3.  Audun Groenvold (NOR), B
4.  Christ del Bosco (CAN)
5.  Enak Gavaggio (FRA)
6.  Daven Barr (CAN)
7.  Scott Kneller (AUS)
8.  Filip Flisar (SLO)

In the women's 1500m speed skating, Dutch skater Ireen Wust claimed the gold medal, while Canadian Kristina Groves and Czech Martina Sablikova finished with silver and bronze, respectively.

Women's 1500m Speed Skating Final Standings (Top 15)
1.  Ireen Wust (NED), G
2.  Kristina Groves (CAN), S
3.  Martina Sablikova (CZE), B
4.  Margot Boer (NED)
5.  Nao Kodaira (JPN)
6.  Christine Nesbitt (CAN)
7.  Annette Gerritsen (NED)
8.  Yekaterina Shikhova (RUS)
9.  Anni Friesinger-Potsma (GER)
10.  Daniela Anscheutz-Tohms (GER)
11.  Yekaterina Lobysheva (RUS)
12.  Alla Shabanova (RUS)
13.  Monique Angermueller (GER)
14.  Hege Bokko (NOR)
15.  Katarzyna Bachleda-Curus (Wojcicka) (POL)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Olympics Report: Bobsled Begins, US Medals in Women's Super-G, Short Track and Speed Skating

Women's Super-G Final Standings (Top Ten)
1.  Andrea Fischbacher (AUT), gold medalist
2.  Tina Maze (SLO), silver medalist
3.  Lindsey Vonn (USA), bronze medalist
4.  Johanna Schnarf (ITA)
5.  Elisabeth Gorgl (AUT)
6.  Nadia Styger (SUI)
7.  Lucia Recchia (ITA)
8.  Maria Riesch (GER)
9.  Julia Mancuso (USA)
10.  Ingrid Jacquemod (FRA)

Women's Short Track 1500m Final Standings (Top Ten)
1.  Zhou Yang (CHN), gold medalist
2.  Lee Eun-Byul (KOR), silver medalist
3.  Park Seung-Hi (KOR), bronze medalist
4.  Katherine Reutter (USA)
5.  Cho Hae-Ri (KOR)
6.  Erika Huszar (HUN)
7.  Evgeniya Radanova (BUL)
8.  Tania Vincent (CAN)
9.  Arianna Fontana (ITA)
10.  Sun Linlin (CHN)

Men's Short Track 1000m Final Standings
1.  Lee Jung-Su (KOR), gold medalist
2.  Lee Ho-Suk (KOR), silver medalist
3.  Apolo Ohno (USA), bronze medalist
4.  Charles Hamelin (CAN)
5.  Francois Hamelin (CAN)
6.  Han Jialing (CHN)
7.  Sung Si-Bak (KOR)

Ski Jumping Individual Large Hill Final Standings (Top Ten)
1.  Simon Amman (SUI), gold medalist
2.  Adam Malysz (POL), silver medalist
3.  Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT), bronze medalist
4.  Andreas Kofler (AUT)
5.  Thomas Morgenstern (AUT)
6.  Michael Neumeyer (GER)
7.  Antonin Hajek (CZE)
8.  Noriaki Kosai (JPN)
9.  Robert Kranjec (SLO)
10.  Wolfgang Loitzl (AUT)

Men's Speed Skating 1500m Final Standings (Top Ten)
1.  Mark Tuitert (NED), gold medalist
2.  Shani Davis (USA), silver medalist
3.  Håvard Bøkko (NOR), bronze medalist
4.  Ivan Skobrev (RUS)
5.  Mo Tae-Bum (KOR)
6.  Chad Hedrick (USA)
7.  Simon Kuipers (NED)
8.  Mikael Flygind Larsen (NOR)
9.  Denny Morrison (CAN)
10.  Enrico Fabris (ITA)

Two Man Bobsled Current Standings (Top 5)
1.  GER1 (Andre Lange, Kevin Kuske)
2.  GER2 (Thomas Florschuetz, Richard Adjei)
3.  RUS1 (Aleksandr Zoubkov, Alexey Voevoda)
4.  SUI1 (Ivo Rueegg, Cedric Grand)
5.  USA1 (Steve Holcomb, Curt Tomasevicz)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Olympics Report: US Claims Men's Figure Skating Gold, Bodie Takes Silver in Men's Super G

The United States has a new first to boast; the first gold medal in men's figure skating in 22 years.  American Evan Lysacek beat out Russian defending gold medalist Yevgeny Plushenko to claim the gold medal in men's singles figure skating, America's first gold in the event since Brian Boitano won gold at the 1988 Calgary games.  Yevgeny Plushenko won silver, while Japan's Daisuke Takahashi claimed the bronze.

Men's Singles Figure Skating Final Standings (Top 20)
1.  Evan Lysacek (USA), gold medalist
2.  Yevgeny Plushenko (RUS), silver medalist
3.  Daisuke Takahashi (JPN), bronze medalist
4.  Stephane Lambiel (SUI)
5.  Patrick Chan (CAN)
6.  Johnny Weir (USA)
7.  Nobunari Oda (JPN)
8.  Takahiko Kozuka (JPN)
9.  Jeremy Abbot (USA)
10.  Michal Brezina (CZE)
11.  Denis Ten (KAZ)
12.  Florent Amodio (FRA)
13.  Artem Borodulin (RUS)
14.  Javier Fernandez (ESP)
15.  Adrian Schultheiss (SWE)
16.  Brian Joubert (FRA)
17.  Kevin Van Der Perren (BEL)
18.  Samuel Contesti (ITA)
19.  Tomas Verner (CZE)
20.  Paolo Bacchini (ITA)

In the men's super giant slalom, Bodie Miller improved on his bronze medal win in the men's downhill by winning the silver medal.  Norwegian skier Aksel Lund Svindal took the gold medal, and American Andrew Weibrecht took the bronze.

Men's Super Giant Slalom Final Standings (Top Ten)
1.  Aksel Lund Svindal (NOR), gold medalist
2.  Bode Miller (USA), silver medalist
3.  Andrew Weibrecht (USA), bronze medalist
4.  Werner Heel (ITA)
5.  Erik Guay (CAN)
6.  Christof Innerhofer (ITA)
7.  Patrick Staudacher (ITA)
8.  Carlo Janka (SUI)
9.  Tobias Gruenenfelder (SUI)
10.  Didier Cuche (SUI)

Events were also contested in skeleton.

Women's Skeleton Final Standings (Top 15)
1.  Amy Williams (GBR), gold medalist
2.  Kerstin Szymkowiak (GER), silver medalist
3.  Anja Huber (GER), bronze medalist
4.  Noelle Pikus-Pace (USA)
5.  Mellisa Hollingsworth (CAN)
6.  Shelley Rudman (GBR)
7.  Amy Gough (CAN)
8.  Marion Trott (GER)
9.  Maya Pederson (SUI)
10.  Emma Lincoln-Smith (AUS)
11.  Katie Uhlaender (USA)
12.  Melissa Hoar (AUS)
13.  Michelle Kelly (CAN)
14.  Tionette Stoddard (NZL)
15.  Costanza Zanoletti (ITA)

Men's Skeleton Final Standings (Top 15)
1.  Jon Montgomery (CAN), gold medalist
2.  Martins Dukurs (LAT), silver medalist
3.  Aleksandr Tretiyakov (RUS), bronze medalist
4.  Tomass Dukurs (LAT)
5.  Zach Lund (USA)
6.  Kristan Bromley (GBR)
7.  Frank Rommel (GER)
8.  Matthias Guggenberger (AUT)
9.  Jeff Pain (CAN)
10.  Sandro Stielicke (GER)
11.  Ben Sandford (NZL)
12.  Sergei Chudinov
13.  Michi Halilovic (GER)
14.  Eric Bernotas (USA)
15.  Gregory Saint-Genies (FRA)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympics Report: US Team Surges Back with Big Wins

Team USA had a productive day 6 of Olympic competition.  After a disappointing disqualification in the women's snowboard cross by Lindsey Jacabellis, the US snowboard team rocketed back with a gold medal win in the men's halfpipe by defending Torino gold medalist Shaun White, who landed his patented Double McTwist on the final run.  Finnish rider Peetu Piiroinen claimed the silver medal, while American Scotty Lago took bronze.  Excellent runs were also put together by first time Olympian Louie Vito of the United States, who finished fifth in the final standings.

Men's Halfpipe Final Standings (Top Ten)
1.  Shaun White (USA), gold medalist
2.  Peetu Piiroinen (FIN), silver medalist
3.  Scotty Lago (USA), bronze medalist
4.  Iouri Podladtchikov (SUI)
5.  Louie Vito (USA)
6.  Markku Koski (FIN)
7.  Justin Lamoureux (CAN)
8.  Kazuhiro Kokubo (JPN)
9.  Ryo Aono (JPN)
10.  Mathieu Crepel (FRA)

It was a big day for the women as well.  American Lindsey Vonn, despite a painful shin injury, not only completed the course but won her first Olympic gold medal in the women's downhill alpine skiing event.  Overcome with emotion, she could barely get an interview off with NBC, having to speak through tears of joy.  Teammate Julia Mancuso, gold medalist in the giant slalom event in Torino, won the silver medal in the crash filled event, and Elisabeth Gorgl of Austria claimed the bronze.

Women's Downhill Final Standings (Top 15)
1.  Lindsey Vonn (USA), gold medalist
2.  Julian Mancuso (USA), silver medalist
3.  Elisabeth Görgl (AUT), bronze medalist
4.  Andrea Fischbacher (AUT)
5.  Fabienne Suter (SUI)
6.  Britt Janyk (CAN)
7.  Marie Marchand-Arvier (FRA)
8.  Maria Riesch (GER)
9.  Lucia Recchia (ITA)
10.  Gina Stechert (GER)
11.  Stacey Cook (USA)
12.  Nadia Styger (SUI)
13.  Chemmy Alcott (GBR)
14.  Regina Mader (AUT)
15.  Carolina Ruiz Castillo (ESP)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Olympics Report: Dissappointing Day for US

The US claimed no medals Tuesday, while Germany surged ahead with four medal wins, bringing their total up to nine and forcing the US into second place in the overall medal count.  The biggest disappointment came in women's snowboard cross, as heavily favored Lindsey Jacobellis stumbled on the start of the course and was disqualified, finishing fifth in the final standings and failing to make the finals and redeem herself for her embarassing crash at the finish line in Torino.  The gold was claimed by Canada's Maelle Ricker, earning Canada it's second home gold.

Women's Snowboard Cross Final Standings
1.  Maelle Ricker (CAN), gold medalist
2.  Deborah Anthonioz (FRA), silver medalist
3.  Olivia Nobs (SUI), bronze medalist
4.  Helene Olafsen (NOR)
5.  Lindsey Jacabellis (USA)
6.  Nelly Moenne Loccoz (FRA)
7.  Mellie Francon (SUI)
8.  Zoe Gillings (GBR)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olympics Report: Miller takes Bronze in Men's Downhill

The US men's skiers had a productive day on the slopes for the men's downhill, posting strong times.  Bode Miller capped it off with a bronze medal, after a disappointing Torino games.  Swiss skier Didier Defago took gold, Switzerland's first alpine gold since the 1988 Calgary games, and Norwegian Aksel Lung Svindal took the silver.

Men's Downhill Final Standings (Top Ten)
1.  Didier Defago (SUI), gold medalist
2.  Aksel Lund Svindal (NOR), silver medalist
3.  Bode Miller (USA), bronze medalist
4.  Mario Scheiber (AUT)
5.  Erik Guay (CAN)
6.  Didier Cuche (SUI)
7.  David Poisson
8.  Mario Büchel (LIE)
9.  Klaus Kroell (AUT)
10.  Michael Wolchhoffer (AUT)

The US snowboard team also came out on top, as defending gold medalist from Torino Seth Wescott claimed the gold again in Vancouver.  Canadian boarder Mike Robertson took the silver while French border Tony Ramoin took the bronze.

Men's Snowboard Cross Final Standings
1.  Seth Wescott (USA), gold medalist
2.  Mike Robertson (CAN), silver medalist
3.  Tony Ramoin (FRA), bronze medalist
4.  Nate Holland (USA)

Evens were also contested in cross-country skiing, figure skating, and speed skating.

Pairs Figure Skating Final Standings (Top Five)
1.  Shen Xue & Zhao Hongbo (CHN), gold medalists
2.  Pang Qing & Tong Jian (CHN), silver medalists
3.  Aliona Savchenko & Robin Szolkowy (GER)
4.  Yuko Kavaguti & Aleksandr Smirnov (RUS)
5.  Zhang Dan & Zhang Hao (CHN)

Women's 10km Individual (Cross Country Skiing) Final Standings (Top Five)
1.  Charlotte Kalla (SWE), gold medalist
2.  Kristina Smigun (EST), silver medalist
3.  Marit Bjørgen (NOR), bronze medalist
4.  Anna Haag (SWE)
5.  Justyna Kowalczyk (POL)

Men's 15km Individual (Cross Country Skiing) Final Standings (Top Five)
1.  Dario Cologna (SUI), gold medalist
2.  Pietro Piller Cottrer (ITA), silver medalist
3.  Lukas Bauer (CZE), bronze medalist
4.  Marcus Hellner (SWE)
5.  Vincent Vittoz (FRA)

Men's 500m (Speed Skating) Final Standings (Top Five)
1.  Mo Tae-Bum (KOR), gold medalist
2.  Keiichiro Nagashima (JPN), silver medalist
3.  Joji Kato (JPN), bronze medalist
4.  Lee Kang-Seok (KOR)
5.  Mika Poutala (FIN)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Olympics Report: US Claims Historic Silver Medal in Nordic Combined

Day 3 of the Olympics was marked by two historic medal wins.  After never winning a medal of any color in Nordic combined, American Johnny Spillane crossed the finish line behind Frenchman Jason Lamy Chappuis for the silver medal.  Teammate Todd Lodwick finished fourth behind Italian Alessandro Pittin.

Nordic Combined Final Standings (Top 25)
1.  Jason Lamy Chappuis (FRA)
2.  Johnny Spillane (USA)
3.  Alessandro Pittin (ITA)
4.  Todd Lodwick (USA)
5.  Mario Stecher (AUT)
6.  Bill Demong (USA)
7.  Norihito Kobayashi (JPN)
8.  Anssi Koivuranta (FIN)
9.  Magnus Moan (NOR)
10.  Eric Frenzel (GER)
11.  Ronny Heer (SUI)
12.  Pavel Churavy (CZE)
13.  Hannu Manninen (FIN)
14.  Felix Gottwald (AUT)
15.  David Kreiner (AUT)
16.  Lukas Runggaldier (ITA)
17.  Petter L. Tande (NOR)
18.  Tino Edelmann (GER)
19.  Sebastien LaCroix (FRA)
20.  Tomas Slavik (CZE)
21.  Akito Watabe (JPN)
22.  Björn Kircheisen (GER)
23.  Jan Schmid (NOR)
24.  Taihei Kato (JPN)
25.  Christoph Bieler (AUT)

Men's moguls was capped by another historic win.  Canadian Alexandre Bilodeau edged out defending gold medalist from Torino Dale Begg-Smith of Australia as well as American Bryon Wilson to claim Canada's first home gold medal (Canada had not won gold in either the 1976 Montreal Summer Games or the 1988 Calgary Winter Games).

Men's Moguls Final Standings
1.  Alexandre Bilodeau (CAN)
2.  Dale Begg-Smith (AUS)
3.  Bryon Wilson (USA)
4.  Vincent Marquis (CAN)
5.  Pierre-Alexandre Rousseau (CAN)
6.  Guilbaut Colas (FRA)
7.  Sho Endo (JPN)
8.  Jesper Bjoernlund (SWE)
9.  Nobuyuki Nishi (JPN)
10.  Alexandr Smyshlyaev (RUS)
11.  Maxime Gingras (CAN)
12.  Pierre Ochs (FRA)
13.  Denis Dolgodvorov (RUS)
14.  Mikko Ronkainen (FIN)
15.  Michael Morse (USA)
16.  Arttu Kiramo (FIN)
17.  Yugo Tsukita (JPN)
18.  Dmitriy Reiherd (KAZ), Patrick Deneen (USA), Nate Roberts (USA)*

*run not scored, tied for last

Additional events were run in biathlon, luge, and long track speed skating.

Men's 10km Sprint (Biathlon) Final Standings (Top Ten)
1.  Vincent Jay (FRA), Gold medalist
2.  Emile Hegle Svendsen (NOR), Silver medalist
3.  Jakov Fak (CRO), Bronze medalist
4.  Klemen Bauer (SLO)
5.  Andriy Deryzemlya (UKR)
6.  Jean Philippe Leguellec (CAN)
7.  Pavol Hurajt (SVK)
8.  Björn Ferry (SWE)
9.  Jeremy Teela (USA)
10.  Ivan Tcherezov (RUS)

Men's Singles (Luge) Final Standings (Top Ten)
1.  Felix Loch (GER), Gold medalist
2.  David Moeller (GER), Silver medalist
3.  Armin Zoeggeler (ITA), Bronze medalist
4.  Albert Demtschenko (RUS)
5.  Andi Langenhan (GER)
6.  Daniel Pfister (AUT)
7.  Samuel Edney (CAN)
8.  Tony Benshoof (USA)
9.  Wolfgang Kindl (AUT)
10.  Manuel Pfister (AUT)

Long Track Speed Skating:  Women's 3000m
1.  Martina Sablikova (CZE), Gold medalist
2.  Stephanie Beckert (GER), Silver medalist
3.  Kristina Groves (CAN), Bronze medalist
4.  Daniela Anschuetz-Thoms (GER)
5.  Clara Hughes (CAN)
6.  Masako Hozumi (JPN)
7.  Ireen Wust (NED)
8.  Maren Haugli (NOR)
9.  Nancy Swider-Peltz Jr. (USA)
10.  Renate Groenewold (NED)

Team USA Report: Historic Win for Ohno, Kearney Takes Gold

After a disappointing finish in long track, the men's short track athletes finished strong in the 1500m.  Team USA short track superstar Apolo Anton Ohno and newcomer J.R. Celski initially appeared shut out of medal contention as Korean skaters Lee Jung-Su, Lee Ho-Suk and Sung Si-Bak took the one, two and three spots for a medal sweep, until a crash took out Lee Ho-Suk and Sung Si-Bak, putting the two Americans in medal spots.  Ohno took silver, winning his historic sixth Olympic medal, whilst Celski took the bronze.  Lee Jung-Su of South Korea took the gold.

Men's 1500m Short Track Final Standings
1.  Lee Jung-Su (KOR)
2.  Apolo Ohno (USA)
3.  J.R. Celski (USA)
4.  Olivier Jean (CAN)
5.  Sung Si-Bak (KOR)
6.  Liang Wenhao (CHN)
7.  Charles Hamelin (CAN)
8.  Nicola Rodigari (ITA)
9.  Pieter Gysel (BEL)
10.  Haralds Silovs (LAT)
11.  Sebastian Praus (GER)
12.  Lee Ho-Suk (KOR)
13.  Yuri Confortola (ITA)

In the women's moguls event, it was expected that defending gold medalist from Torino, Canadian Jennifer Heil, would repeat and bring home Canada's first gold medal on home soil.  This was not to be, however, as American Hannah Kearney, who finished 22nd at the Torino games, put up a strong finals run and jumped into first place and onto the podium, giving Team USA their first gold medal of the Vancouver games.  Jennifer Heil took silver, while Kearney's teammate Shannon Bahrke took bronze.

Women's Moguls Final Standings
1.  Hannah Kearney (USA)
2.  Jennifer Heil (CAN)
3.  Shannon Bahrke (USA)
4.  Aiko Uemura (JPN)
5.  Chloe Dufour-LaPointe (CAN)
6.  Margarita Marbler (AUT)
7.  Ekaterina Stolyarova (RUS)
8.  Arisa Murata (JPN)
9.  Regina Rakhimova (RUS)
10.  Deborah Scanzio (ITA)
11.  Yulia Galysheva (KAZ)
12.  Miki Ito (JPN)
13.  Marina Cherkasova (RUS)
14.  Darya Rybalova (KAZ)
15.  Daria Serova (RUS)
16.  Nikola Sudova (CZE)
17.  Michelle Roark (USA)
18.  Heather McPhie (USA)
19.  Tae Satoya (JPN)
20.  Kristi Richards (CAN)

More results to come on Day 3 of the games.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Team USA Report: Disappointing Results for Speed Skating 5000m

I wasn't a good day for USA speed skating.  Defending gold medalist from Torino Chad Hendrik failed to make the podium, finishing a over ten seconds off the leader in the 5000m event.  Skater Shani Davis did not fare much better, failing to make the top 8.

Speed Skating 5000m Results
1.  Sven Kramer (NED)
2.  Seung-Hoon Lee (KOR)
3.  Ivan Skobrev (RUS)
4.  Håvard Bøkko (NOR)
5.  Bob de Jong (NED)
6.  Alexis Contin (FRA)
7.  Enrico Fabris (ITA)
8.  Henrik Christiansen (NOR)

Olympics Novena

In light of the tragic death of luger Nodar Kumaritashvili, my Olympic prayer in my previous post has been modified into this novena for the continued safety and success of the Olympics and the athletes.

Lord Jesus Christ, as the eyes of the world turn to Vancouver for the XXI Olympic Winter Games, we ask you to bless these games and those who participate in them.  We ask you to grant the athletes success in their competitions, and to give them the strength to compete fairly in the true spirit of sportsmanship.  Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, extend your mantle of protection to the athletes and keep them safe from injury as they compete.  Put in their hearts love for their fellow athletes, that they might seek to build friendships with those they compete against and enable them to respect their fellow competitors.

Lord, we commend to your mercy the soul of Nodar Kumaritashvili, who was killed tragically during a training for the luge event.  Grant him eternal rest in your heavenly kingdom.  We likewise pray for the continued safety of all who compete in the luge events.  We ask you to inspire the Olympic officials to work to make this even safer, so that tragedies like this never happen again.  We pray for the people of Georgia and the family of Nodar Kumaritashvili for comfort during their time of mourning for their fallen son.

Blessed Mary, Mother of God and of Christians, pray for the Olympic athletes and take our petition on their behalf to our Lord, for your Son will not refuse a request from you.
St. Sebastian, patron of athletes, pray for the Olympic athletes.

We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever.  


Friday, February 12, 2010

Live Blogging the Olympics

It's finally here.  The 2010 Olympic Winter Games begin today in Vancouver with an opening ceremony that's sure to be spectacular (after all, it's a closely guarded secret, and that's always a good sign with things like this).  Over 5,000 athletes from 80 countries will be competing at this event.

The games can be viewed live on your local NBC (for Americans) or on the local station of your home country.  Missed something?  Can't watch them?  I'll be posting live results from the games here on my blog each day of the games. Stay tuned here for updates.

Pax Christi, and God bless the athletes.

Prayer for the Olympic Athletes
Lord Jesus Christ, as the eyes of the world turn to Vancouver for the XXI Olympic Winter Games, we ask you to bless these games and those who participate in them.  We ask you to grant the athletes success in their competitions, and to give them the strength to compete fairly in the true spirit of sportsmanship.  Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, extend your mantle of protection to the athletes and keep them safe from injury as they compete.  Put in their hearts love for their fellow athletes, that they might seek to build friendships with those they compete against and enable them to respect their fellow competitors.

Lord, we commend to your mercy the soul of Nodar Kumaritashvili, who was killed tragically in a luge accident this morning.  Grant him eternal rest in your heavenly kingdom.

Blessed Mary, Mother of God and of Christians, pray for the Olympic athletes and take our petition on their behalf to our Lord, for your Son will not refuse a request from you.

St. Sebastian, patron of athletes, pray for the Olympic athletes.

We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever.  


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Planned Parenthood Tears at Catholicism

The folks at Planned Parenthood are at it again. 

The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) has released a new report on sex education.  Wait do you hear what they have to say.
IPPF uses the terms young people, youth and adolescents interchangeably to refer to people who are between 10 and 24.
In other words, elementary school kids should be treated the same as college graduate students when it comes to sex education.  Any word on the right of parents to choose how best to educate their children?  None that I can see.

It gets better than that though.  Hat tip to the Catholic League.
The entire program is based on a faulty assumption. IPPF says that “The taboo on youth sexuality is one of the key forces driving the AIDS epidemic and high rates of teenage pregnancy and maternal mortality.” Nonsense. In the 1950s, there was no sex education in the schools, the pill was not commercially available and AIDS didn’t exist. Yet the out-of-wedlock birth rate was comparatively miniscule and sexually transmitted diseases were relatively rare. All because of taboos.
According to IPPF, it’s those Catholics—who are indistinguishable from radical Islamists—who are the problem. “Fundamentalist and other religious groups—the Catholic Church and madrasas (Islamic schools) for example—have imposed tremendous barriers that prevent young people, particularly, from obtaining information and services related to sex and reproduction.”
So, let me see if I get this straight; a kid who goes to a parochial school and learns about responsible sexual behavior (such as chastity before marriage) are analogous to Imam Amir's madrasa students who are denied any sort of sex education and are taught that homosexuals are to be put to death?  I fail to see the similarity.

I bring this up not because it's new, but because it's just another example of the extent that the culture of death is going to achieve its aims.  Planned Parenthood and other abortion chains around the world have been arguing for "youth sexual rights" for years.  Why, do you ask?  The reason is simple: money.  More people having sex means more unintended pregnancies (ever notice it's the "sexually liberated" types that have the highest rates of illegitimacy, abortion and STDs?), and more unintended pregnancies means more desperate women coming into their abortuaries, which means more cash for the chains.

Another reason why Catholics and others must stand loud and proud for the virtue of chastity.  Lives depend on it.

You can read the report straight from the horse's mouth here.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Capt. Phil Harris Dies

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) -- A spokesman for The Discovery Channel says the captain of the "Deadliest Catch" fishing vessel Cornelia Marie has died.

Capt. Phil Harris suffered what his family described as a massive stroke on Jan. 29 while the boat was in port at St. Paul Island, Alaska. He was flown to Anchorage for surgery.

A Discovery spokesman says the Harris family contacted the network Tuesday evening with word of his death.

Few details were released; however, Discovery Channel spokeswoman Elizabeth Hillman issued a statement on behalf of Harris' sons, Jake and Josh, saying their father has "always been a fighter and continued to be until the end."

The Discovery Channel reality show depicts the crab fishing industry in the dangerous waters off Alaska. Harris' fishing vessel was based in Seattle.

It is with great sadness that I must report this.  Phil was widely loved by all fans of Deadliest Catch.  He will be missed.

I ask all who read this blog to please pray for his soul.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

LifeSiteNews: Duggar Family Renting the Former Home of PP Founder

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas, February 8, 2010 ( - Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, the reality TV parents who recently grabbed headlines following the birth of their nineteenth child, are now renting a house once owned by the eugenicist founder of Planned Parenthood in Little Rock, Ark., reports the Examiner.

"It’s comical that the house we’re renting was actually owned by a lady who started Planned Parenthood in Little Rock. There’s even a plaque outside in the front yard," Jim Bob told the news service in a telephone interview.
The irony is inescapable; this family, which has allowed God to bless them with so much new life, is renting the home of a woman who was a racist and advocate of eugenics, and who founded an organization which is one of the leading advocates of the abortion holocaust in America today.  Perhaps the Almighty is sending us a message here?

May the Good Lord continue to bless the Duggars for the rest of their lives.

Pax Christi

Monday, February 8, 2010

William Albrecht Weighs in on Sedevacantism Debate

Now that the Super Bowl craze has worn off temporarily, I here present this.

William Albrecht of Catholic Legate (gnrhead on YT) recently debated Peter Dimond of Most Holy Family Monastery (a leading voice for sedevacantism on the WWW) and here are his thoughts on Dimond's hilarious attempts to keep his position afloat after it was torpedoed.

Enjoy, but please keep all comments civil.


Say gonna beat them Saints.  =)

I'm a Patriots fan, but New Orleans is my second favorite team, and I'm estatic that these guys have finally won their first Super Bowl.

Hat's off to them, your Super Bowl Champions, the New Orleans Saints.  Can't call them the Aints anymore, so put away those paper bags =).

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sea Shepherd's At It Again

Courtesy of PropagandaBuster on YT.

This one even has an image of M/V Bob Barker displaying flags of various Japanese vessels on it's side like the marks a fighter pilot puts on his plane to indicate a kill.  Sea Shepherd vessels display these marks to indicate a vessel that they have rammed or, in some cases, sunk.

Here's an image of the same thing.

Note the word "sunk".

Still convinced SSCS isn't a violent eco-terrorist outfit?

Sedevacantists and Hypocrisy

I hate to say such things about my fellow Catholics, but our Lord was not afraid to call out the Pharisees on their hypocrisy, so I shouldn't be afraid to call out the modern Pharisees, the sedevacantists, on their hypocrisy.  Namely, the fact that they claim to be traditional Catholics, yet they refuse to hold the most important tradition of all; submission to the Roman Pontiff.

They, like the Pharisees, seemingly delight in pointing out the sins of others and mindlessly accuse anyone who disagrees with them of "manifest heresy", yet hypocritically ignore their own uncharity and often outright hatred of anyone who doesn't hold their beliefs.  So of them even promote anti-Semitism and conspiracy theories regarding Jews.

Tell me again why I should take such people seriously?
Any why seest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye; and seest not the beam that is in thy own eye?  Or sayest thou to thy brother:  Let me cast the mote out of thy; and behold a beam is in thy own eye?  Thou hypocrite, cast out first the beam from thy own eye, and then shalt thou see to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.  (Matthew 7:3-5)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Memorial of St. Agatha, Virgin and Martyr

St. Agatha died in defense of her purity, in Catania, Sicily, where she was born. After Quintanus, the governor of Sicily, tried in vain to force her to consent to sin, she was imprisoned for a month with an evil woman. He then turned from sensuality to cruelty and had her breasts cut off; but that night Agatha was healed by St. Peter. She was then rolled over sharp stones and burning coals, and finally taken to prison where she died while praying. Her name appears in the Roman Canon.
It still amazes me the things that our revered martyrs were able to endure for the faith.  Here's a woman who took her purity to heart so much that she was willing to be tortured and mutilated and finally killed rather than consent to sexual sin.  If only more people in this world had that kind of dedication to their purity, that they are willing to endure any hardship to keep it.

St. Agatha, ora pro nobis!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Life Issues

My younger brother has completely gone off the tracks.  He get's himself in trouble with the police, goes to court, and demands that we pay off the court costs.  The family is glad to do so, but how does he repay us?  By using foul language with us, cussing  out our parents, and acting like a little gangbanging thug.

I just don't understand him, and I'm at a loss as to what to do.  I need all of you who read this blog to pray for him.  He needs the Most High to aid him.

An Interesting Message on Youtube

From someone calling himself "romeusurped58".  I'm going to assume with a name like that he's one of those "remnant Catholics" who believe all the rest of us who are faithful to the Magesterium are on their way to hell.  Apparently, me and fellow Catholic YT user gnrhead are "sola scriptura PUBLIC HERETICS" (to use his hysterical language; hysterical both in its tone and in its funniness), because according to him, the blood of Christ is only for the elect, and everyone else is "damned" by the blood of Christ.  Gee, I was under the impression that mankind is redeemed by the blood of Christ shed on Calvary, but what do I know.

Isn't the whole notion of Christ's blood only being for a select group of people something that John Calvin taught?  If that's what romeusurped58 is asserting, wouldn't that make him a heretic too, because he's asserting something that was taught by a Protestant reformer?  He makes reference to both the Council of Trent and Pope Pius XII, yet cites no canons from the Council, nor any writings or recorded statements from Pius XII in regards to the issue.  I haven't read everything from either, but I don't remember either of them ever teaching such a thing.

And what exactly does "sola scriptura PUBLIC HERETIC" (there goes that hysterical language again) mean?  Does it refer to the fact that gnrhead uses the Bible to back up his statements and in his defense of Catholic teaching?  Since when was that a heretical thing to do?  Hasn't the Church, both before and after Vatican II, hold that Bible study is a good thing?  Didn't Popes encourage the study of Sacred Scripture?  I believe they did, so this whole nonsense is out the window.

I bring this up only to show that those on the extremist Traditionalist fringe would rather replace shrill language and accusations of "manifest heresy" rather than actually try to back up any of their claims.  We must pray for these poor, misguided souls.

UPDATE:  Apparently, this user has been on YouTube before, going under various names such as "creathavok" and "radtrad", and has been banned each time for fomenting anti-Semitic hatred.  Please pray doubly for this poor, angry soul.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Churching of Women

Father Z over at his blog has this little tidbit.

What a wonderful tradition to bring back.  It is often so hard to raise a child a Christian in today's increasingly decadent and depraved world.  Why not give women a special blessing asking Gods graces to do so?  I don't think many would argue against it =).

Pax Christi.

Harry Knox Just Wont Give it Up


Sorry Harry, but I'll take the words of His Holiness over the words of a loudmouth homosexualist any day.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Prayer for Priests

O my Jesus, I beg You on behalf of the whole Church: Grant it love and the light of Your Spirit, and give power to the words of priests so that hardened hearts might be brought to repentance and return to You, O Lord.

Lord, give us holy priests; You Yourself maintain them in holiness. O Divine and Great High Priest, may the power of your mercy accompany them everywhere and protect them from the Devil's traps and snares which are continually being set for the souls of priests. May the power of your mercy, O Lord, shatter and bring to naught all that might tarnish the sanctity of priests, for You can do all things.

Pax Christi.