Sunday, February 14, 2010

Team USA Report: Historic Win for Ohno, Kearney Takes Gold

After a disappointing finish in long track, the men's short track athletes finished strong in the 1500m.  Team USA short track superstar Apolo Anton Ohno and newcomer J.R. Celski initially appeared shut out of medal contention as Korean skaters Lee Jung-Su, Lee Ho-Suk and Sung Si-Bak took the one, two and three spots for a medal sweep, until a crash took out Lee Ho-Suk and Sung Si-Bak, putting the two Americans in medal spots.  Ohno took silver, winning his historic sixth Olympic medal, whilst Celski took the bronze.  Lee Jung-Su of South Korea took the gold.

Men's 1500m Short Track Final Standings
1.  Lee Jung-Su (KOR)
2.  Apolo Ohno (USA)
3.  J.R. Celski (USA)
4.  Olivier Jean (CAN)
5.  Sung Si-Bak (KOR)
6.  Liang Wenhao (CHN)
7.  Charles Hamelin (CAN)
8.  Nicola Rodigari (ITA)
9.  Pieter Gysel (BEL)
10.  Haralds Silovs (LAT)
11.  Sebastian Praus (GER)
12.  Lee Ho-Suk (KOR)
13.  Yuri Confortola (ITA)

In the women's moguls event, it was expected that defending gold medalist from Torino, Canadian Jennifer Heil, would repeat and bring home Canada's first gold medal on home soil.  This was not to be, however, as American Hannah Kearney, who finished 22nd at the Torino games, put up a strong finals run and jumped into first place and onto the podium, giving Team USA their first gold medal of the Vancouver games.  Jennifer Heil took silver, while Kearney's teammate Shannon Bahrke took bronze.

Women's Moguls Final Standings
1.  Hannah Kearney (USA)
2.  Jennifer Heil (CAN)
3.  Shannon Bahrke (USA)
4.  Aiko Uemura (JPN)
5.  Chloe Dufour-LaPointe (CAN)
6.  Margarita Marbler (AUT)
7.  Ekaterina Stolyarova (RUS)
8.  Arisa Murata (JPN)
9.  Regina Rakhimova (RUS)
10.  Deborah Scanzio (ITA)
11.  Yulia Galysheva (KAZ)
12.  Miki Ito (JPN)
13.  Marina Cherkasova (RUS)
14.  Darya Rybalova (KAZ)
15.  Daria Serova (RUS)
16.  Nikola Sudova (CZE)
17.  Michelle Roark (USA)
18.  Heather McPhie (USA)
19.  Tae Satoya (JPN)
20.  Kristi Richards (CAN)

More results to come on Day 3 of the games.

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