Thursday, February 4, 2010

An Interesting Message on Youtube

From someone calling himself "romeusurped58".  I'm going to assume with a name like that he's one of those "remnant Catholics" who believe all the rest of us who are faithful to the Magesterium are on their way to hell.  Apparently, me and fellow Catholic YT user gnrhead are "sola scriptura PUBLIC HERETICS" (to use his hysterical language; hysterical both in its tone and in its funniness), because according to him, the blood of Christ is only for the elect, and everyone else is "damned" by the blood of Christ.  Gee, I was under the impression that mankind is redeemed by the blood of Christ shed on Calvary, but what do I know.

Isn't the whole notion of Christ's blood only being for a select group of people something that John Calvin taught?  If that's what romeusurped58 is asserting, wouldn't that make him a heretic too, because he's asserting something that was taught by a Protestant reformer?  He makes reference to both the Council of Trent and Pope Pius XII, yet cites no canons from the Council, nor any writings or recorded statements from Pius XII in regards to the issue.  I haven't read everything from either, but I don't remember either of them ever teaching such a thing.

And what exactly does "sola scriptura PUBLIC HERETIC" (there goes that hysterical language again) mean?  Does it refer to the fact that gnrhead uses the Bible to back up his statements and in his defense of Catholic teaching?  Since when was that a heretical thing to do?  Hasn't the Church, both before and after Vatican II, hold that Bible study is a good thing?  Didn't Popes encourage the study of Sacred Scripture?  I believe they did, so this whole nonsense is out the window.

I bring this up only to show that those on the extremist Traditionalist fringe would rather replace shrill language and accusations of "manifest heresy" rather than actually try to back up any of their claims.  We must pray for these poor, misguided souls.

UPDATE:  Apparently, this user has been on YouTube before, going under various names such as "creathavok" and "radtrad", and has been banned each time for fomenting anti-Semitic hatred.  Please pray doubly for this poor, angry soul.

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