Monday, February 22, 2010

Olympics Report: Bodie Miller Takes Gold, US Bobsled Drought Continues

Bode Miller completed his comeback from his disastrous performance in the Torino games by completing his medal set with a gold medal win in the men's super combined with a total time (the times from the downhill and slalom portions are combined) of 2:44:92.  Croatia's Ivica Kostelic finished with the silver medal, and Swiss skier Silvan Zurbriggen claimed bronze.  Defending Torino gold medalist Ted Ligety finished fifth.

Men's Super Combined Final Standings (Top 15)
1.  Bode Miller (USA), G
2.  Ivica Kostelic (CRO), S
3.  Silvan Zurbriggen (SUI), B
4.  Carlo Janka (SUI)
5.  Ted Ligety (USA)
6.  Benjamin Raich (AUT)
7.  Ondrej Bank (CZE)
8.  Christof Innerhofer (ITA)
9.  Kjtetil Jansrud (NOR)
10.  Will Brandenburg (USA)
11.  Andrew Weibrecht (USA)
12.  Andrien Theaux (FRA)
13.  Dominik Paris (ITA)
15.  Sandro Viletta (SUI)
16.  Ryan Semple (CAN)

The US medal drought in the men's two-man bobsled event continued Sunday.  American driver Steve Holcomb, expected to be a contender for a medal, finished in fifth place with teammate Curt Tomasevicz.  Germany went one two with gold and silver medal wins, while Russia claimed the bronze.

Two-Man Bobsled Final Standings (Top 15)
1.  GER1 (Andre Lange/Kevin Cuske), G
2.  GER2 (Thomas Florschuetz/Richard Adjei), S
3.  RUS1 (Aleksandr Zoubkov/Alexey Voevoda), B
4.  SUI1 (Ivo Rueegg/Cedric Grand)
5.  CAN2 (Pierre Lueders/Jesse Lumsden)
6.  USA1 (Steve Holcomb/Curt Tomasevicz)
7.  RUS2 (Dmitry Abramovitch/Sergey Prudnikov)
8.  LAT1 (Edgars Maskalans/Daumants Dreiskens)
9.  GER3 (Karl Angerer/Gregor Bermbach)
10.  USA2 (John Napier/Steve Langton)
11.  ROU1 (Nicolae Istrate/Florin Cezar Craciun)
12.  USA3 (Mike Kohn/Nick Cunningham)
13.  CZE1 (Ivo Danilevic/Jan Stoklaska)
14.  NED1 (Edwin van Calker/Sybren Jansma)
15.  CAN1 (Lyndon Rush/David Bisset)

The inaugural ski cross event ended with the Swiss claiming the gold medal, followed by Austria with silver and Norway with bronze.

Men's Ski Cross Final Standings
1.  Michael Schmid (SUI), G
2.  Andreas Matt (AUT), S
3.  Audun Groenvold (NOR), B
4.  Christ del Bosco (CAN)
5.  Enak Gavaggio (FRA)
6.  Daven Barr (CAN)
7.  Scott Kneller (AUS)
8.  Filip Flisar (SLO)

In the women's 1500m speed skating, Dutch skater Ireen Wust claimed the gold medal, while Canadian Kristina Groves and Czech Martina Sablikova finished with silver and bronze, respectively.

Women's 1500m Speed Skating Final Standings (Top 15)
1.  Ireen Wust (NED), G
2.  Kristina Groves (CAN), S
3.  Martina Sablikova (CZE), B
4.  Margot Boer (NED)
5.  Nao Kodaira (JPN)
6.  Christine Nesbitt (CAN)
7.  Annette Gerritsen (NED)
8.  Yekaterina Shikhova (RUS)
9.  Anni Friesinger-Potsma (GER)
10.  Daniela Anscheutz-Tohms (GER)
11.  Yekaterina Lobysheva (RUS)
12.  Alla Shabanova (RUS)
13.  Monique Angermueller (GER)
14.  Hege Bokko (NOR)
15.  Katarzyna Bachleda-Curus (Wojcicka) (POL)

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