Friday, February 5, 2010

Memorial of St. Agatha, Virgin and Martyr

St. Agatha died in defense of her purity, in Catania, Sicily, where she was born. After Quintanus, the governor of Sicily, tried in vain to force her to consent to sin, she was imprisoned for a month with an evil woman. He then turned from sensuality to cruelty and had her breasts cut off; but that night Agatha was healed by St. Peter. She was then rolled over sharp stones and burning coals, and finally taken to prison where she died while praying. Her name appears in the Roman Canon.
It still amazes me the things that our revered martyrs were able to endure for the faith.  Here's a woman who took her purity to heart so much that she was willing to be tortured and mutilated and finally killed rather than consent to sexual sin.  If only more people in this world had that kind of dedication to their purity, that they are willing to endure any hardship to keep it.

St. Agatha, ora pro nobis!

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