Monday, February 8, 2010

William Albrecht Weighs in on Sedevacantism Debate

Now that the Super Bowl craze has worn off temporarily, I here present this.

William Albrecht of Catholic Legate (gnrhead on YT) recently debated Peter Dimond of Most Holy Family Monastery (a leading voice for sedevacantism on the WWW) and here are his thoughts on Dimond's hilarious attempts to keep his position afloat after it was torpedoed.

Enjoy, but please keep all comments civil.


  1. where can i get this whole debate to hear it william did a fantastic job

  2. Just got done listening to the debate on youtube. As a non-sedevacantist myself I would have to give the nod to Brother Peter Diamond (BPD). It seemed to me that William was unable to answer his concerns, which he was backing up with quotes from doctors of the church, as well as previous Popes. Not sure why William kept trying to quote scripture as a rebuttal to saints and Popes, but it seemed like a Protestant tactic, nor were the scriptures he quoted at convincing or germane to the point that BPD was making. Anyway, those are my observations.

  3. Apologies - what I listened to may have been a different debate. I have no comment on the above video/debate.