Friday, February 11, 2011

Dhimmitude: Director of Intelligence says Muslim Brotherhood is "Mostly Secular"

This one comes courtesy of Robert Spencer over at Jihad Watch:

The Obama administration took the rare step Thursday of correcting its own intelligence chief after the official claimed Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood is "largely secular."
Director of National Intelligence James Clapper discussed the Islamist group during a hearing on Capitol Hill earlier Thursday. He testified that the organization has "pursued social ends" and a "betterment of the political order," and downplayed its religious underpinnings.

You have got to be kidding me.

They're called the Muslim Brotherhood.  How can that name be attached to any sort of secular organization?

The Islamist credentials of the MB are well established.  The group's stated goal is to make the Qu'ran and Sharia law the law of all states, calling it a "perfect way".  The group's first leader, Hassan al-Banna, was a dyed-in-the-wool Islamist who advocated the restoration of the Caliphate and world-wide jihad to impose Islamic rule on the world.  The Brotherhood maintains this, routinely calling for an Islamic state to be formed in Egypt.

The MB is a Islamist group and an enemy of freedom.  If we want real freedom in the Middle-East, we must oppose groups like this and call them out for what they are. 

Pax Christi.

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