Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sodomite "Marriage" Passes in New York

So, the state of New York decided to legalize same-sex "marriage" in defiance of God's laws and the will of the people.  Well, that's just what I needed on my birthday.

I have grown so weary of this wicked and perverse generation.  We've been doing nothing but sticking our fingers in the eyes of God since at least the 60s.  First the sexual revolution normalized promiscuity, contraception and abortion, now the fruits of that movement are alive in the movement to force society to recognize homosexual lust as "normal" when God's Word calls it what it is; a perversion.

To the State of New York; shame on you all!  You've not only defied the will of the people when poll after poll shows Americans OPPOSE same-sex "marriage", but you've defied God.  The State has no right to pass laws that contradict Natural and Divine Law.  What you have done is an affront to Almighty God and now all we can do is pray that God will mercy on you.

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