Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Another OWS horror show; hacker group posts the information of police officers online

As if we needed another reminder of just how dangerous it is to be a cop in this day and age, they now have to deal with this latest outrage by the hacker collective Anonymous.  The group, according to The Washington Times, stole the personal information, including e-mail and physical addresses, of police officers involved in evicting the Occupy squatter camps from public property.

Computer hackers are avenging the Occupy movement by exposing the personal information of police officers who evicted protesters and threatening family-values advocates who led a boycott of an American Muslim television show.
In three Internet postings last week, hackers from the loose online coalition called Anonymous published the email and physical addresses, phone numbers and, in some cases, salary details of thousands of law enforcement officers all over the country.
The hackers said they were retaliating for police violence during evictions of Occupy protest camps in cities around the country, but law enforcement advocates slammed the disclosures as dangerous.
Does this "movement" have any shame?  Do these guys have any idea what they are doing?  I suspect they do, or else they wouldn't have done this.

If any officers are harmed as a result of this, it's going to be on the head of every single member of that group of collective.  Every.  Single.  One.

Pray that SOMEONE among them gets the courage to step and say "this was wrong".

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