Friday, May 18, 2012

Obama makes unnatural unions the forefront of his campaign; I comment

This one comes to us again yet again from Life Site News.

May 17, 2012 ( - After announcing his support for gay “marriage” earlier this month, President Obama appears to be putting the issue front and center in his campaign, reiterating his stance in a recently released campaign video, and in comments to the media and potential donors.
In an interview filmed Monday for ABC’s the View, Obama said that his current stance was influenced by gay family friends in “wonderful relationships” who told him he should support gay “marriage” and not just civil unions because “words matter.”
Obama added that the issue is “going to be a big contrast in the campaign,” since his opponent, Mitt Romney, is in favor of a constitutional amendment that would ban gay “marriage.”  His remarks echoed criticisms directed at the presumptive Republican nominee in a campaign video released last week which accused Romney of wanting to “take us back” rather than “move us forward.”

Obama is again proving himself to be a typical politician.  He can't run on his record, because by all objective standards it's abysmal; 8% unemployment, $15+ trillion dollars in debt, and an economy that's tanking, not to mention controversial laws like the NDAA 2012.  So, he's decided to use a hot-button issue that is guaranteed to energize his liberal base in order to win the election.  The sad thing is, it might work if we don't work hard enough to show what a terrible job he has done as president.

Pax Christi.

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