Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fedzilla Passes the Health Care Deform Bill

It's official, the Senate version of the health care bill has passed.  Merry Christmas America, from the Democratic Party.  *throws up*

Why am I sick?  Let's count the ways that this bill will ruin health care in America.

1.  Rationed health care for seniors.
2.  Substandard, government run care.
3.  Federal dollars for the continued slaughter of innocent babies in abortion mills.
4.  It's a massive, unconstitutional power grab by the federal government (contrary to what the Democratic Congressional stooges say, there is no mandate for a government takeover of health care).
5.  It'll grow the already bloated federal deficit by billions.
6.  Americans will be forced to buy in or face fines.

Let us pray this monstrosity doesn't make it out of the house.  Time to get the tea partiers mobilized. =)

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