Saturday, December 5, 2009

LSAT and HOA Outrageousness

I took my LSAT test this morning.  Can you say exhausting?  I thought I had it bad sitting for the SAT and ACT tests when I was applying for college.  This one beats them all easily.

I mean, what the heck is a logic game?  Silly little questions that don't look like they'll help me at all in law practice.  And they were TOUGH!  I'm surprised I didn't get a headache trying to work them out.  The logical reasoning and reading comprehension sections were much easier, though they wore me down too.  Thank goodness it's over.

Now, onto the second portion of this post.

My state is home to one of the country's oldest surviving veterans of World War II, 90 year-old Col. Van T. Barfoot (U.S. Army, Ret.).  For thirty years, this man would go out to the flag pole he had on his yard, raise the flag in the morning, and take it down in the evening.  Nothing wrong with that, right?  Right!?

Well, recently, the Homeowner's Association where he lives doesn't think so.  They're now suing him to have the flagpole taken down.

No, that wasn't a typo.  They're suing a 90 year-old World War II veteran, and Medal of Honor winner to boot, over a freaking flag pole.

Is this how our country treats our veterans nowadays?  Back in the day, veteran status was a mark of honor.  Now, they're treated no better than anyone else.  These men risked their lives to serve their country, and we repay them with stuff like this.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch article on this travesty.

What is this nation coming to?

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  1. Just taking the test means you get a congratulations.