Monday, June 28, 2010

Belgian Police Desecrate Tombs

The Belgian police recently carried out a raid on the retired Archbishop of Brussels and the offices of the archdiocese, looking for, what else, pedophile stuff.

The cops even went so far as to BREAK OPEN THE TOMBS OF TWO CARDINALS LOOKING FOR DOCUMENTS! Yes, they desecrated graves in order to try and find evidence that the Catholic Church protects child abusers, because we all know that Catholic clerics are all slobbering perverts who rape everything in sight, right?

Wrong, nothing was found as I have read.

There's a new anti-clericalism on the rise, fueled by irresponsible media attacks against the Church and her clergy (just read any New York Times opinion article on the subject to see what I mean), and its rotten fruits are now on display for all to see. As long as this anti-clericalism continues to grown and fester, attacks like this one against the world's single greatest force for good will continue.

Pray for the Pope, pray for the clergy, pray for the Church, pray that the secular authorities will start screwing their heads back on straight.

Pax Christi.

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