Friday, June 25, 2010

Haven't we heard all this before?

This just in from MSNBC.

Is the clock of doom ticking for mankind? Yes, says an eminent 95-year-old scientist from Australia. Professor Frank Fenner — the same scientist who brought the myxomatosis virus to rabbits to control their numbers in the 1950's — is acutely aware of the impact of overpopulation and shortage of resources.
In 1980, Fenner announced to the World Health Assembly that smallpox had been eradicated, an achievement that is widely regarded as the World Health Organization's finest hour.
Now, in an interview with The Australian, the well-respected microbiologist expressed his pessimism for our future. "We're going to become extinct," he said. "Whatever we do now is too late."

Wait, haven't we heard all this before?  Actually, yes.

In 1968, Paul Ehrlich wrote The Population Bomb.  In it, he argued that mankind would start dying off  from "overpopulation" if no one heeded his draconian recommendations, which even included putting sterilants in the drinking water supply.

He predicted this would happen in the 1970s, and yet he was wrong.  I have every confidence that this man in Australia is wrong as well.

The devaluing of human life by the "scientific community" makes me want to vomit.

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