Thursday, September 16, 2010

OK, if I might be permitted to rant a bit...

Am I the only one who notices a wave of vitriol and venom being directed at Catholic Republicans by their fellow Catholics?

It seems that a Catholic who votes Republican is viewed as a traitor to his faith.  It's said he (or she) supports "corporatism" at the expense of the poor and working people, and doesn't believe in taking care of the poor and destitute. 

Is it really that bad to believe that the poor are better served by people working to help each other under the principle of subsidiarity in place of reliance on the government, which is incapable of authentic charity?  That policies designed to reduce taxes and spending to benefit the small businesses which really drive our economy are a good thing?  To question whether Big Labor really is good?

Really, is that really an anti-Catholic principle to hold?  Ask some folks and they may say yes.  I say no. 


  1. And then there's that whole "pro-life" thing. Is that anti-Catholic?

  2. Absolutely not, but in the interest of fairness, pro-life isn't beholden to one set of political ideals.