Monday, June 28, 2010

Belgian Police Desecrate Tombs

The Belgian police recently carried out a raid on the retired Archbishop of Brussels and the offices of the archdiocese, looking for, what else, pedophile stuff.

The cops even went so far as to BREAK OPEN THE TOMBS OF TWO CARDINALS LOOKING FOR DOCUMENTS! Yes, they desecrated graves in order to try and find evidence that the Catholic Church protects child abusers, because we all know that Catholic clerics are all slobbering perverts who rape everything in sight, right?

Wrong, nothing was found as I have read.

There's a new anti-clericalism on the rise, fueled by irresponsible media attacks against the Church and her clergy (just read any New York Times opinion article on the subject to see what I mean), and its rotten fruits are now on display for all to see. As long as this anti-clericalism continues to grown and fester, attacks like this one against the world's single greatest force for good will continue.

Pray for the Pope, pray for the clergy, pray for the Church, pray that the secular authorities will start screwing their heads back on straight.

Pax Christi.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Life Site: 10-Year-Old Boy Used as Grand Marshal of Arkansas Homosexual Fest

From Life Site News

FAYETTEVILLE, Arkansas, June 25, 2010 ( - A 10-year-old boy is being used as Grand Marshal of an Arkansas homosexual pride parade this weekend. The move has attracted opposition from pro-family leaders, who have decried the movement's exposure of the boy to the lewd festival of sexual deviancy as "a form of child abuse."
The boy, Will Phillips, attracted national media attention last year after he refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance at school, saying that homosexuals are refused "liberty and justice" because the government defines marriage as between a man and a woman.
Phillips, who later accepted a Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) Media Award on behalf of his CNN interviewer, complained that he was harassed at school for his views. The claim prompted Comedy Central host Jon Stewart to hire as Phillips' bodyguard at the media award event professional wrestler Mick Foley, who warned: “If I find out that anybody has hassled this young man or teased him or called him a wad of any sort, I and perhaps a few of my friends will come to his school and bring a world of pain."
But pro-family leaders say that the homosexual lobby is the true bully for flaunting the boy at the head of a homosexual pride parade - which are renowned for their lewd displays of transvestitism, sado-masochism, and other sexual deviations.
“It’s shameful that adults would abuse a brain-washed child in this way,” said American Family Association president Tim Wildmon. “He’s obviously just parroting the nonsense he’s been told by manipulative adults. For gay activists to trot out this child and make him the poster child for promoting unnatural sexual expression is a form of child abuse."
The use of the child media darling has attracted opposition to the normally low-key event from across the country: Mayor Lionel Jordan, who plans to deliver the city's endorsement to the event Saturday, says he has received over 300 emails urging him to withdraw support as of Wednesday afternoon, according to the Fayetteville Flyer.
Pictures and video posted on the Northwest Arkansas Gay Pride Parade's website show some typical displays of sexual deviancy often common in such parades, such as men flamboyantly dressed in provocative drag.Brian Camenker, the leader of MassResistance, a pro-family group in Massachusetts, told that saying Phillips is being "indoctrinated" is "not a strong enough word."
"They are taking these kids who are in a very vulnerable and formative time in their lives, and basically telling them they're gay or what have you," he said, adding that "the kinds of things that go on in these parades ... are just really gross and hideous."
"Transexual, S&M, they're getting more into young kids," he said.
Camenker related the story of a MassResistance volunteer whose daughter similarly drew media attention when, after being pressured by the gay-straight alliance at her high school, declared that "she's a lesbian, hates her mother and father, [and] has this lesbian girlfriend."
"The gay newspapers of course wrote it up, because she was involved with us, and they were inviting her to be involved with the gay pride parade ... even the Boston Globe called her up to interview her," he said. Things changed, however, when the girl's mother removed her from the school and sent her to an out-of-state Christian school. The girl is now preparing to marry her male fiancé in August, and, according to Camenker, now dismisses her youthful flirtation with lesbianism.
"She wasn't lesbian any more than I was a lesbian," he said. "I think that happens with a lot of kids. So this is really dangerous."

This is just awful.  Using a child as a pawn to push acceptance of sexual deviancy is despicable.

Prayers are needed for their repentance and conversion.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Haven't we heard all this before?

This just in from MSNBC.

Is the clock of doom ticking for mankind? Yes, says an eminent 95-year-old scientist from Australia. Professor Frank Fenner — the same scientist who brought the myxomatosis virus to rabbits to control their numbers in the 1950's — is acutely aware of the impact of overpopulation and shortage of resources.
In 1980, Fenner announced to the World Health Assembly that smallpox had been eradicated, an achievement that is widely regarded as the World Health Organization's finest hour.
Now, in an interview with The Australian, the well-respected microbiologist expressed his pessimism for our future. "We're going to become extinct," he said. "Whatever we do now is too late."

Wait, haven't we heard all this before?  Actually, yes.

In 1968, Paul Ehrlich wrote The Population Bomb.  In it, he argued that mankind would start dying off  from "overpopulation" if no one heeded his draconian recommendations, which even included putting sterilants in the drinking water supply.

He predicted this would happen in the 1970s, and yet he was wrong.  I have every confidence that this man in Australia is wrong as well.

The devaluing of human life by the "scientific community" makes me want to vomit.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jack Kevorkian worst moment? "the moment I was born"

Courtesy of LSN

By James Tillman  and John Jalsevac
June 15, 2010 ( -- "The single worst moment of my life  . . . was the moment I was born." So says Dr. Jack Kevorkian in a recent interview with CNN.
Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the journalist conducting the interview, confessed that the remark left him speechless – especially since Kevorkian offered the strange and macabre confession without any provocation or lead-up question.
Gutpa writes that, “Throughout the two-and-a-half hour interview, [Kevorkian] fluctuated wildly between being downright combative and hostile to being sweet and fatherly.”
The journalist also mentioned Kevorkian’s “crazed rants,” “often about the Ninth Amendment to the Constitution, complete with a defense of James Madison and trashing of Thomas Jefferson.”
The interview is part of the lead-up to Kevorkian’s Thursday interview at 9 PM EST on Larry King Live.
Kevorkian or "Dr. Death" has helped approximately 130 people kill themselves.  He also spent 8 years in prison for the second-degree murder of Thomas Youk, who was in the final stages of Amytrophic Lateral Scelerosis at the time of his death. Kevorkian had given Youk the lethal injection himself, and, in a videotape of Youk's death, dared authorities to try to convict him. 
Kevorkian told Gutpa that he believes his case should have been heard by the Supreme Court, because the issue of assisted suicide is a constitutional issue. Everyone, says Kevorkian, should have the right to kill him or her self.   
"They just don't get it in Oregon, " he says. "Or in Washington state or Montana, the other states," where assisted suicide is currently legal.  Assisted suicide is only legal in these states if someone has a terminal illness.
"What difference does it make if someone is terminal?" he says. "We are all terminal." 
Five of Kevorkian's victims were found to be healthy after autopsies were performed. 
However, when it comes to himself, Kevorkian says that he is not ready to die. "I have purpose in my life and three missions," he said.
The first mission is to warn the human race of its “impending doom,” due to what Gunta labels a “culture of overabundance” that will lead to the “extinction” of the human race.
The second mission is to educate people about assisted suicide, or what Kevorkian calls “patholysis” – the destruction of suffering.
The third mission is “to convince the American public that their rights are infringed upon each and every day - and that the Ninth Amendment is not being upheld.”
The controversial physician’s strange ideas about freedom and the Ninth Amendment are nothing new. In a speech at the University of Florida in 2008, Kevorkian spoke of his desire for anyone to be allowed to do anything at all, denouncing every law as "an infraction of liberty.  Every law!" 
In that speech he had also said people had a right to smoke marijuana or carry cocaine if they wished.

Now the truth comes out, I suppose.

The really scary thing is, many people sympathize with this monster.  His views on life and death get racous applause, while those who stand against his horrendous pro-euthanasia agenda are rhetorically tarred and feathered.

I will pray for this man, that his heart will be softened and he will come to uphold the oath he took as a doctor so save lives, not take them.

Pax Christi.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Newsweek Attacks Marriage

You have to read this one to believe it.

I sensed something like this would happen.  The Left has been fighting to change the definition of marriage for years with no success.  Now at least one of them has come out and decided "You know what?  Why should there even be marriage?"

Thanks a lot, for giving this morally bankrupt society yet another reason to slide further into moral destitution.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Hyundai Removes Blasphemous Ad

Courtesy of WDTPRS;

From: Hyundai Consumer Affairs
To: _
Sent: Monday, June 14, 2010 3:22 PM
Subject: Anti-catholic ad
Hello and thank you for your feedback regarding Hyundai advertising.

Hyundai Motor America would like to thank you and other consumers for sharing concerns about a new ad titled "Wedding" which aired during the opening games of the FIFA World Cup broadcast last week. We take comments of this nature very seriously. Because of feedback like yours, we have removed the ad from all Hyundai communications and stopped airing it.

We credit the passionate World Cup viewers and Hyundai owners for raising this issue to us. The unexpected response created by the ad, which combined both soccer and religious motifs to speak to the passion of international soccer fans, prompted us to take a more critical and informed look at the spot. Though unintentional, we now see it was insensitive. We appreciate your feedback and hope you will accept our sincere apologies.

With appreciation,

Hyundai Motor America

We thank thee, Father, for inspiring the hearts of the leadership of Hyundai Motor America to remove their advertisement which mocks your Holy Church.  We ask you to continue to grant them every grace in this life.  Through Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Border Patrol Agent Was Attacked by Rock Throwers

Courtesy of the Washington Times comes the news that the Border Patrol agent who shot a teenage Mexican boy at the border was under attack by rock throwers.

Sergio Adrian Hernandez Huereka, 15, was fatally shot near a railroad bridge along the Rio Grande connecting Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, and El Paso, Texas. He was among a group of illegal immigrants attempting to gain entry to the United States. Many in the group threw large rocks at the agents attempting to stop them.  (Emphasis mine)
 If this is true, and I see no reason yet to believe  it isn't, then the agent, as tragic as the death of this boy is (and believe me, it is) could be legitimately argued to have acted in self defense.

Was the boy himself throwing rocks?  Who knows.  But with this information, I think it is now unfair and potentially bearing false witness to continue to pain him as a racist thug and murderer.

Prayers for the soul of the dead boy. May he rest in peace.

Pax Christi.


Another Outrage Against the Blessed Virgin

I got this in an e-mail from American Needs Fatima.  This is just outrageous.

DO NOT read further if you think you will be too deeply injured by this blasphemy.

But I deeply regret to tell you that Our Lady is being blasphemed by an exhibit showing her holding a k n i f e, a g u n, and a handgrenade amid ads for lingerie at the AKA Gallery in Oklahoma City.

According to press reports, "the weapons being held by the Virgin Mary in Artus" art are embroidered in rose or yellow. The artwork also features vintage ads promoting products for women such as lingerie and hair nets.

"For example, one picture of the Virgin Mary holding a pink-embroidered small h a n d g u n is surrounded by sections of a vintage Frederick's of Hollywood lingerie newspaper ad touting the promotion line "Make Her Over to Please You."

Everyone who read this post, please say an act of reparation for this outrage.  

Pax Christi.

An Act of Reparation to the Blessed Virgin Mary

O blessed Virgin, Mother of God, look down in mercy from heaven, where thou art enthroned as Queen, upon me, a miserable sinner, thine unworthy servant. Although I know full well my own unworthiness, yet in order to atone for the offenses that are done to thee by impious and blasphemous tongues, from the depths of my heart I praise and extol thee as the purest, the fairest, the holiest creature of all God's handiwork.
I bless thy holy name, I praise thine exalted privilege of being truly Mother of God, ever virgin, conceived without stain of sin, co-redemptrix of the human race. I bless the Eternal Father who chose thee in an especial way for His daughter; I bless the Word Incarnate who took upon Himself our nature in thy bosom and so made thee His Mother; I bless the Holy Spirit who took thee as His bride. All honor, praise and thanksgiving to the ever-blessed Trinity, who predestined thee and loved thee so exceedingly from all eternity as to exalt thee above all creatures to the most sublime heights.
O Virgin, holy and merciful, obtain for all who offend thee the grace of repentance, and graciously accept this poor act of homage from me thy servant, obtaining likewise for me from thy divine Son the pardon and remission of all my sins.  Amen.

Put Down Those Stupid Horns

I'm serious.  These things sound like a swarm of bees in the stadium.  You cannot tell me these add anything to the game besides burst eardrums.

On a side note, what's with the random Manchester United poster at 0:20 in a South African stadium?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hyundai Blasphemes to Sell Cars

And I'm quite certain there will be no outrage expressed over this ugly blasphemy.

Anti-Catholicism is the last acceptable prejudice.

An Act of Reparation to Jesus Christ

O Jesus, my Savior and Redeemer, Son of the living God, behold, we kneel before Thee and offer Thee our reparation; we would make amends for all the blasphemies uttered against Thy holy name, for all the injuries done to Thee in the Blessed Sacrament, for all the irreverence shown toward Thine immaculate Virgin Mother, for all the calumnies and slanders spoken against Thy spouse, the holy Catholic and Roman Church. O Jesus, who hast said: "If you ask the Father anything in My name, He will give it to you", we pray and beseech Thee for all our brethren who are in danger of sin; shield them from every temptation to fall away from the true faith; save those who are even now standing on the brink of the abyss; to all of them give light and knowledge of the truth, courage and strength for the conflict with evil, perseverance in faith and active charity! For this do we pray, most merciful Jesus, in Thy name, unto God the Father, with whom Thou livest and reignest in the unity of the Holy Spirit world without end. Amen

Friday, June 11, 2010

An Act of Reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Courtesy of American Needs Fatima

O Sacred Heart of Jesus, animated with a desire to repair the outrages unceasingly offered to Thee, we prostrate before Thy throne of mercy, and in the name of all mankind, pledge our love and fidelity to Thee.
The more Thy mysteries are blasphemed, the more firmly we shall believe them, O Sacred Heart of Jesus!
The more impiety endeavors to extinguish our hope of immortality, the more we shall trust in Thy Heart, sole Hope of mankind!
The more hearts resist Thy Divine attractions, the more we shall love Thee, O infinitely amiable Heart of Jesus!
The more unbelief attacks Thy Divinity, the more humbly and profoundly we shall adore It, O Divine Heart of Jesus!
The more Thy holy laws are transgressed and ignored, the more we shall delight to observe them, O most holy Heart of Jesus!
The more Thy Sacraments are despised and abandoned, the more frequently we shall receive them with love and reverence, O most generous Heart of Jesus!
The more the imitation of Thy virtues is neglected and forgotten, the more we shall endeavor to practice them, O Heart, model of every virtue!
The more the devil labors to destroy souls, the more we shall be inflamed with desire to save them, O Heart of Jesus, zealous Lover of souls!
The more sin and impurity destroy the image of God in man, the more we shall try by purity of life to be a living temple of the Holy Spirit, O Heart of Jesus!
The more Thy Holy Church is despised, the more we shall endeavor to be her faithful children, O Sweet Heart of Jesus!
The more Thy Vicar on earth is persecuted, the more will we honor him as the infallible head of Thy Holy Church, show our fidelity and pray for him, O kingly Heart of Jesus!
O Sacred Heart, through Thy powerful grace, may we become Thy apostles in the midst of a corrupted world, and be Thy crown in the kingdom of Heaven. Amen. 

Missing girl has been found alive, Deo gratias

Abby Sutherland, who was lost at sea while trying to become the youngest person to sail around the world solo, has been found alive by rescue craft.  Her boat was damaged in a storm but she is alive and well.  For this we thank God.

My personal thoughts?  From some comments I've seen, there's been a distinct lack of charity involved, mostly in the form of condemnation directed toward her parents as "irresponsible".  We need to remember something important; this girl, according to news reports, was an expert sailor who had been doing it for her entire life.  She was obviously skilled as she was able to survive an intense storm by herself.  I don't believe her parents would have sent her off if they didn't have every confidence in her abilities.

Too young?  Maybe, but I think instead of lobbing condemnation we should be thanking God that she is alive and well and pray that she continues to do the thing she loves.

Pax Christi.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Whatever committee selects producers for Channel 4 documentaries needs a little reorganizing

This blurb from Life Site News caught my attention.

Anti-Catholic Homosexualist Campaigner Tapped to Produce Papal Bio for British TV

By Hilary White
LONDON, June 8, 2010 ( - In a choice that has been denounced as a "calculated insult," Channel 4, an independent British television broadcaster, has chosen radical homosexualist activist Peter Tatchell as presenter for its biography of Benedict XVI in the lead-up to the pope's visit to Britain.
Tatchell is a founder of the Protest the Pope coalition, which is planning demonstrations of the state funding of the Pontiff's visit. He has regularly attacked Catholic moral teachings and Pope Benedict personally, whom he has called "the ideological inheritor of Nazi homophobia".
Channel 4 has said that film will examine "the current Pope's teachings throughout the world". Channel 4 spokesman Ralph Lee, said, "In keeping with Channel 4's remit to provide a platform for diverse and alternative perspectives.
"Equality campaigner Peter Tatchell will assess the effect of the current Pope's teachings throughout the world and the conflict between some of his values and those held by modern Britain."
One of the highlights of the papal visit will be the beatification of John Henry Newman, the 19th century writer and famous convert to Catholicism. Tatchell angered Catholics in 2008 when he said that the revered Newman was a closet homosexual and that the Vatican was attempting a cover-up. 
Iain Dale, the popular Conservative party blogger and newspaper columnist, commented that Channel 4's choice of Tatchell is a clear case of deliberate Catholic-baiting. He wrote, "If you were a commissioning editor at Channel 4 and wanted to make a documentary about the Pope's religious and political journey since the 1930s, who might you get to front it?
"[Catholic former MP] Ann Widdecombe? [writer and broadcaster] Sue MacGregor? [presenter of BBC Radio 4's "Sunday" programme] Ed Stourton? No. Channel Four has chosen Peter Tatchell. Yes, your gob is smacked, isn't it?"
Widdencombe herself commented to the Daily Telegraph that the announcement is proof that Britain is "a profoundly anti-Catholic country".
"I wouldn't call this the right thing for any serious broadcaster to do, but they're doing it for the publicity, they're doing it to stir up controversy. Mr. Tatchell certainly won't be sympathetic to his subject, so what's the point of doing it? It won't be skeptical, it will be hostile."
Fr. Tim Finigan, popular clerical 'blogger and founder of the Association of Priests for the Gospel of Life, called the choice "a calculated insult" to Britain's Catholics as well as to Pope Benedict.
"Catholics may well feel minded to write to Channel 4," he said. "And it would be good if there were a statement from the Catholic Bishops' Conference."
"Surely though, since the Holy Father is coming on a state visit, it would be appropriate for a Minister of State to express disquiet at such blatant Catholic-baiting?" 
The news comes as some in Britain and the Vatican are becoming concerned that the papal visit is being highjacked by the far-left to push its political agenda. Damian Thompson, editor of the Catholic Herald and 'blogs editor for the Daily Telegraph, wrote last week that Vatican officials are becoming concerned about the ties between visit organisers and the Tony Blair Faith Foundation.
Thompson quoted a Foreign Office document describing the Pope's visit as "an unprecedented opportunity to strengthen ties between the UK and the Holy See on global action to tackle poverty and climate change, as well as the important role of faith groups in creating strong communities". This language, he said, is "unmistakeably the language of Blair's Faith Foundation".
Former Prime Minister Tony Blair, known to pro-life advocates as Britain's principle "architect of the Culture of Death," was famously received into the Catholic Church in December 2007 by his close friend, then-Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor. When pro-life Catholics asked repeatedly if Blair had renounced his longstanding anti-life and anti-family positions, the Tony Blair Faith Foundation responded that Mr. Blair would not answer questions about his personal beliefs.

It's a funny thing.  This guy attacks Pope Benedict, one of the few voices willing to stand up for genuine moral principles, as a amoral man, and yet he wants the world to see his sin and perversion as "normal" and an acceptable lifestyle.

The selection of this man as the producer for the Channel 4's documentary is telling.  It should put to rest for good the notion that anti-Catholicism is dead and buried.  In fact, it is thriving over in the United Kingdom, it's just that the sources of traditional anti-Catholicism have shifted from CoE clerics to the liberal left.

UPDATE:  A comment on a post by fellow Catholic blogger Fr. Tim Finigan brought up something interesting; Mr. Tatchell has apparently said, publicly, that age of consent should be abolished.  Kind of makes the sign he's holding in the second picture ironic then, doesn't it?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Peter Singer wants to know: Should we sterilize ourselves into non-existance?

Oh yes, the title here says it all.

Princeton Philosopher: ‘Why Not Sterilize the Human Race and Party into Extinction?’

By Peter J. Smith
NEW YORK, June 8, 2010 ( – Princeton philosopher Peter Singer one of the world’s foremost contemporary utilitarian philosophers who is infamous for his advocacy of infanticide, would like individuals to consider this question: would sterilizing the human race to spare future generations the pain of existence be a good idea?
In a blog post for the New York Times entitled, “Should this be the last generation?”, Singer discusses in glowing terms the thought of South African philosopher David Benatar. Singer calls Benator the “author of a fine book with an arresting title: ‘Better Never to Have Been: The Harm of Coming into Existence.’”
“To bring into existence someone who will suffer is, Benatar argues, to harm that person, but to bring into existence someone who will have a good life is not to benefit him or her,” explains Singer.
Both Singer and Benatar both believe that human beings do not have inherent dignity. Singer, the Princeton Chair of Bioethics, has gained notoriety for asserting that infanticide is justifiable, especially for disabled infants, because they lack self-awareness, which he asserts is a requirement for personhood.
A key difference between Singer, and Benatar, an existential nihilist who chairs the Department of Philosophy at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, however, is that Singer believes life could be worth living in certain conditions. But Benatar flat out rejects existence as good, and the still-living author discusses that view in his controversial book.
Singer explains Benatar’s antinatalist philosophy, which bases its moral framework by weighing the consequences of existence, this way: “everyone will suffer to some extent, and if our species continues to reproduce, we can be sure that some future children will suffer severely. Hence continued reproduction will harm some children severely, and benefit none.”
Singer then invites readers to engage in a thought experiment: “So why don’t we make ourselves the last generation on earth? If we would all agree to have ourselves sterilized then no sacrifices would be required — we could party our way into extinction!”
“Even if we take a less pessimistic view of human existence than Benatar, we could still defend [this scenario], because it makes us better off — for one thing, we can get rid of all that guilt about what we are doing to future generations — and it doesn’t make anyone worse off, because there won’t be anyone else to be worse off,” he continued.
Singer distances himself from Benatar’s conclusions, however, and says, “I do think it would be wrong to choose the non-sentient universe.” Nevertheless, he said that for the human race to continue justifying reproducing itself over the next two centuries, individuals should ask themselves the hard questions of, “Is life worth living? Are the interests of a future child a reason for bringing that child into existence? And is the continuance of our species justifiable in the face of our knowledge that it will certainly bring suffering to innocent future human beings?”
Bioethicist Wesley J. Smith, a longtime critic of Singer’s work, responded to Singer’s recent article, saying, “This is nihilism on stilts and it is polluting the West’s self confidence and belief in universal human equality like the BP oil well is polluting the Caribbean.
“Only the resulting mess isn’t measured in polluted beaches and dead birds, but existential despair that destroys human lives.”
“Under the influence of anti-human advocates like Peter Singer, we have gone in the West from seeking to ‘secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity,’ to seriously questioning whether there should be any posterity at all,” Smith wrote on his blog. “This is not healthy. But it is the natural consequence of rejecting human exceptionalism.”

Peter Singer is a philosopher with a very long rap sheet when it comes to devaluing human life.  Singer is perhaps the founding father of the stridently anti-human animal "rights" movement, authoring his (in)famous tome Animal Liberation, the "bible" of the movement in 1975, in which he argued that there was no difference between human beings, made in the image and likeness of God, and animals, based solely on the ability of the latter to feel pain.

He has argued, with a straight face, that it is morally acceptable to murder a disabled human baby because the baby lacks self-awareness and is therefore not a person, and besides it would be cruel to let it live anyway.  Oh, but kill livestock for food to feed people, and you're committing a crime akin to the Nazi genocide (PETA once compared farming to Auschwitz).  Now, the monster is arguing that human beings should just sterilize ourselves and go out of existence because it would be cruel to continue existing. 

The infernal fruits of "Post-Christian" thinking are alive and well. 

Monday, June 7, 2010

Rosary for the Bishop

Anyone out there use this?  Rosary for the Bishop

If you do, please be sure to add Bishop Olmsted of Phoenix to your list of intentions, for his courageous defense of preborn human life.  Also, please pray for Sister McBride for repentance.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Paul Watson an Admiral?

Apparently so, because the description of a televised episode of Whale Wars caught my eye with his apparent "promotion".  And this is without even being certified as a captain, much less being a member of a naval force.

The seeming arrogance of this man astounds me.  He needs our prayers.