Tuesday, March 29, 2011

For once I kinda sorta agree with the HuffPo

Let's get real. Is this bikini any different from all the other age-inappropriate clothing out there? Is this bikini going to make our daughters want to grow up and have big boobs? Is this bikini going to give them a terrible complex that they have Smarties-on-a-plate, instead of big jugs, excuse the English expressions?
Girls will think about this stuff irrespective of this bikini; we all did when we were girls.
With all due respect to the journalistic expertise of the NBC Today Show staff and their guest experts, not one person mentioned how dressing our daughters in provocative clothing is an open invitation to sexual predation.
Sexual predators are the culprits in our society, not string bikinis.

Yes, this item does open little girls up to exploitation by sexual predators, so you're right there.  But, sexual predators would be a threat regardless of what the kid wore; this thing just makes it worse.  The even bigger problem is that selling such things to little girls teaches them that they're body and sexuality are more important than their character, and that's just plain vile.

Pax Christi.

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