Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Should Obama be impeaced over Libya?

Has Obama comitted "high crimes and treason", and if he has, should he be impeached?

Let's take a look at the situation in Libya (and for Pete's sake, don't bring up Iraq; that has nothing to do with the current situation).  Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution gives the power to declare war solely to Congress.  The only time that the president may use military force without a formal declaration of war is when Congress authorizes said use of force via a joint resolution, in line with the War Powers Act (a good example of this would be the Korean War). 

To my knowledge, there has been neither.  There has been no formal declaration of war against Libya, and from what I've seen Congress has not authorized the president to use military force in line with the War Powers Act, and yes, even using military force to enforce a UN resolution requires an act of Congress according to the laws of the United States.

It's clear to me that President Obama has attacked a sovereign nation without authorization from Congress, in violation of the United States Constitution and the War Powers Act.  If that does not constitute "high crimes and treason" I don't know what does.  In light of this clear violation of our laws, I believe Congress should and must introduce articles of impeachment against President Obama and remove him from office.

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