Monday, April 18, 2011

Anti-Catholic Snipe of the Day, 04/18/2011

From a comment on an LSN article.

You have all but lost the battle to demonize gay people, which drives thousands of gay children to suicide every year.
Your protect life is just a diversion from the truth, eg the endless hidden molesttation of children
Saddam Hussein was a nutcase because he was molested as a child by the uncld who broght him up.  Sometimes I think the catholic church has as a goal molesting children , because they then can warp their minds into hating gay people.

I'll ignore the age-old "gay suicides" snipe (suicide rates amongst homosexuals remain constant despite increasing societal acceptance of homosexuality), and focus on his other attack.

So, us Catholics, our goal is simply to molest as many children as possible and warp their minds?  Where is this guy getting his ideas, from a Richard Dawkins seminar?

There's really no point in trying to refute his stupid snipe; I don't have the energy for it this morning, and it's been drilled into the ground enough times.  I just post it here to point out the stupidity inherent in anti-Catholicism as in any other form of bigotry.

Pax Christi.


  1. Why give this guy any attention at all? It's impossible to refute complete ignorance.

  2. Only to show just how ridiculous the anti-Catholic crowd can be.