Saturday, April 23, 2011

Scottish Cardinal sent live bullet in the mail

THE leader of the catholic church in Scotland was sent a live bullet in the post.

Cardinal Keith O'Brien received the package at his edinburgh home.

The senders claimed to be the Protestant Action Group - an old cover name for the Ulster Volunteer Force.

Under the words "No Surrender", the letter warned the churchman: "If you bring your Pope here ... this is what he will get."

Police, including the Met's anti-terror squad, carried out an investigation but the culprits were not traced.


For those who don't know, the UVF is basically the Loyalist version of the IRA; a terrorist group known for violence against perceived Irish Republicans, mostly Catholic.

Threats like this may turn out to be bluster, but they MUST be taken seriously.  Any time someone threatens to kill a leader for whatever reason, it's a serious affair.

Pray for our Holy Father.

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