Friday, July 22, 2011

CIVB to the NFLPA and team owners: SHUT UP AND PLAY FOOTBALL!!!

Day in and day out for the past month I've heard no new football news other than the never ending "labor talks" between the NFLPA (aka the most pointless union ever formed) and team owners.  I've had to listen about the players whining that they're not making enough money besides having multimillion dollar contracts, and the owners calling a completely pointless lockout over something that should have been solved in an afternoon (other than no guaranteed contracts for rookies there's nothing wrong with the NFL).

I'm finally sick of it all.  The players need to sign the new CBA and get back to playing football or I'm not going to bother watching at all.  My mother just finally got to see her dream and got tickets to a Patriots game against the Redskins.  I want my mom to see that game. 

Plus, the greed is astounding to me.  What, the millions the players make a season aren't enough?  You want more?  What's it gonna be, contracts worth billions of dollars?  I can honestly foresee that happening someday, what with what the players are being paid now.  Most of us fans can see through the dog-and-pony show that the owners and players are putting on.  It's all about making money and nothing else.  I'm sick of it.  The fans who scrimp and save every season to go to one game a year deserve better than this garbage. 

If nothing comes of this, if the players refuse the new deal, I will not watch a single football game this season.  I mean not even one.  Not even when my Patriots are playing.  If the season is cancelled, I'm done with football forever.

What's it gonna be guys?  You gonna play or what?  Cuz I'm done with you.

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