Monday, July 25, 2011

So-called "New Atheists" motivated by hatred of God

Yes, you heard that right.

I'm going to keep this post simple; the so-called "New Atheist" movement (though there really isn't anything new about it) taps into not just doubts about the existence of God (who is real, praise be to Him) but by outright hatred.  How do I know this?  Read on.

I received a message from my girlfriend that her friend was distressed because she saw a stamp accusing God of being a child murderer and calling Him an "immoral monster" who should "burn in his own hell".  It pains me to put such blasphemous bile on my blog, but I must to illustrate the point.

Does that sound like reason to you?  No, it sounds more like a person who hates someone.  In this case, the person, I can only deduce, hates God.  Such a view is becoming so common amongst non-believers, I daresay that it is their creed, alongside such reliable standbys as religious believers as stupid, violent robots and the world being better off without faith.

Why do I draw attention to this?  Because, forgive me my melodrama, but when the Nazis spread filth about the Jews, everyone was told to ignore it.  We all know how well that turned out.  I don't suggest something similar will happen, but when hate rears it's ugly head, it must be identified and opposed.  We are all worse off if we don't.

Heavenly Father, soften the hearts of those who hate You and Your Son and all who follow You, and grant them peace and guide them along the path to truth and salvation.

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