Saturday, August 20, 2011

LSN: Florida High School removes teacher for criticizing gay "marriage"


MOUNT DORA, FL, August 18, 2011 ( - Mount Dora High School has removed a veteran social-studies teacher Gerald (Jerry) Buell from his classroom for Facebook comments critical of homosexual ‘marriage’. Christopher Patton, Communications Officer for Lake County Schools told LifeSiteNews that Buell was moved to administrative duties pending the results of an investigation into a suspected code of ethics violation.

On his personal Facebook account, outside of school time, Buell posted a reaction to New York’s passage of homosexual ‘marriage’ saying he “almost threw up.” He also referred to homosexual unions as sinful and referred to it as part of a “cesspool” of behaviors in remarks quoted by the Sentinel.

Harsh words certainly, but it speaks volumes about the direction that this country is heading when a school can fire a teacher for a personal opinion delivered over his private Facebook profile.  Is there any doubt that there is persecution of those who speak the truth going on in this country?  I think not.

Lord Jesus, have mercy on us all!

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