Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jake Plummer thinks Tim Tebow is too religious


So Mr. Plummer seems to think Tim Tebow (who, by the way, did much better than Plummer in his starts), should just "shut up" and not be open about his faith?

May I ask, since when were you in any position to comment?  Mr. Tebow has every right to be open about his faith in the public square.  Christianity BELONGS in the public square, no matter what every single atheist "activist" group will tell you.

Apparently, the only thing that matters in the NFL to some is selfishness, ego, and hedonism, just like in modern society.  Can't have any of that pesky faith  in public now, can we?  Gotta keep it all in the churches where we don't have to look at those stupid Christians.

Give me a break!

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