Thursday, November 17, 2011

LSN: Massachusetts passes bill making transgenderism/crossdressing a protected class

And I'm considering moving to this bluest of blue state?

BOSTON, November 17, 2011 ( - The Massachusetts legislature has passed a bill that elevates cross-dressing or transgendered individuals to a protected class, and grants universal access to sex-segregated areas such as bathrooms based on personal “gender identity or expression.”
The measure, known as the “Transgender Equal Rights Bill” (H. 502 in the House and S. 764 in the Senate) passed the upper chamber on Wednesday in a voice vote. It’s unclear when the bill will receive final approval votes and be signed into law by Democrat Gov. Deval Patrick, a strong gay rights supporter.
The bill inserts “gender identity” as a protected class under the state’s hate crime law, and also makes it so that a school or other business would be violating the law if it rejected an applicant because he or she was a crossdresser.
So, the good folks running the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are recognizing sexual "identity" (sexual identity DISORDER)?  That's bad in and of itself, but there's many more bad things that are going to come about because of this.

Do folks seriously even contemplate the potentially devestating effects that this bill presents?  Now all a pervert has to do is dress in woman's clothing to be able to sneak into a women's restroom and commit a sex offense, and security cannot stop him because all he would have to do is claim that he has the right as a "transgender person" to do so.  Laws like this put young girls in danger!

But the liberals who run the blue states have learned long ago not to let stuff like that get in the way of advancing the LGBT agenda.  Their lawyers wouldn't allow them to.

How much longer is this insanity going to go on?

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