Monday, January 18, 2010

Coakley Says "No" to Conscience Clauses

A little blurb from the Senatorial race in Massachussetts.  Democratic candidate Martha Coakley was asked in a media interview 3 days ago about whether or not she supported conscience clauses for health care workers.  These clauses protect them from being forced to perform medical procedures that they have a moral objection to.  Martha's response?  A resounding NO.

She even went as far as to say that emergency room workers who object to performing procedures such as abortions "shouldn't work in the emergency room."  Translation:  You don't want to perform procedures you object to, you should find another job.

I'm not really surprised.  A quick visit to the "Equal Rights and Opportunities" section of her issues page shows she intends to protect "reproductive rights"; in other words, work in the interests of the abortion industry, which doesn't like the idea of conscience clauses one bit.

Poll after poll shows the American people support conscience clauses.  Even President Obama himself supports them, so I've been told.  Yet Mrs. Coakley doesn't seem to care.  To the people of Massachussetts; do you really want this woman as your Senate representative?

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