Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sea Shepherd Ship Damaged in Collision

According to this article, Sea Shepherd's fancy batboat the Ady Gil, was damanged in a collision with a Japanese whaling ship, the Shonan Maru.  Sea Shepherd, per it's modus operandi, was out in the south ocean with their pirate ships harassing the Japanese fleet and putting the lives of their sailors at risk.

Of course, the group is crying that the Japanese deliberately rammed their ship.  I don't know what the Japanese did, but I take this claim with a grain of salt, simply because of this group's "anything goes" philosophy (which explains their terrorist tactics like throwing acid on decks and even ramming "enemy" boats), I wouldn't put it past them to deliberately park their boat in the way so it will get hit and they have more propaganda to sell to their deluded followers and supporters.

This is a group that holds to an immoral philosophy that denies the sanctity of human life and man's God-given stewardship over the earth.  This is a group that resorts to piratical, terroristic tactics in order to get it's message across.  This is an organization that deserves none of our moral support, and even less of our dollars.

May they come to realize the foolishness of their ideals.

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