Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wake up Catholics, Orthodox, and all Christian dominations: The World is Changing by Victor Delta Kitsune

This is Victor Delta Kitsune speaking. Most of you may have heard of me through my fanfics in the Lilo and Stitch fandom, mostly the ExpTales saga and some other works. I am here to spread a message to all of you, a wake up call on behalf of my friend and  sending this message to the Maronite Catholics, Chaldeans, Syriacs, Nestorians, Greek Orthodox, and other Christians of any Catholic or Orthodox Rite living in the Middle East such as Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, and Syria.

Right now, we live in a world without morals or ethics, we live in a world that will soon change so fast we will realize it's too late to stop it. But what I am exactly talking about? And what do we have to stop? The answer? Islam. Yes, that's right. It's Islam that must be stopped because right now, as we speak, the Muslim population in Western and Eastern Europe, to the former USSR nations, even here in America will begin to grow and turn the tide. We live in a world were we have allowed things such as birth control, condoms, and other products allow us to not worry and give a fuck about getting the girl pregnant. And abortion? Yes, the new thing that's sweeping the Western world. There are controversies surrounding it and people, we need to stop being amazed by birth control and abortion and I'll tell you why.

Personally, I have nothing against Islam, I have nothing against it but seeing how the world is changing, and the fastest growing religion is a religion founded by a man who used the sword to spread it.  As I stated, I have nothing against it but now, we have to wake up and realize that Catholicism and Orthodoxy along with other denominations will cease to exist in Europe due to Islamic immigration. Why am I making a big fuzz about it? Let's see the facts:

1. There are more mosques in France than churches and in 39 years, France will be a Islamic Republic, sorry ladies who dream of having a French man for a husband, the reality will be you'll be be stuck with a man who will beat you up and treat you like property by the time you're a sexy young woman.

2. For a culture to maintain itself for 25 years it needs to have a birth rate of 2.11 children per family, anything less, the culture will die out. The rate of 1.3% will be impossible to reverse, it will take 80 to 100 years to fix the mistake. If Western population shrinks, the culture will die out.

3. Look at England, Spain, Russia, and those countries, the Christian population is declining and will be extinct in 20-50 years and all of Europe will be replaced with Islamic governments like Islamic Republics, Sheikhdoms, Sultantes, and any other thing...

The Islamic immigration is becoming a serious threat to our cultures, our values, our honor. They are invading our countries and their objective is the complete destruction of Western culture. Britain's Christian population is going down while the Muslim population is growing like mad. We as Christians, regardless of our denomination must do two things: Reproduce and have more kids or pull out our Bibles and start thumping Muslims, preach them the Truth. God himself does not want bloodshed or death, God wants fruitful lives and prosperity for all but Muslims, they portray God as a angry dictator, a madman who demands bloodshed of anyone who refuses to convert to the "true religion". Is Islam just a religion? It's more than a religion, it's a plan of the complete destruction of Christianity and Western civilization.

What will happen when the Muslim population increases? There will be no more videogames, no more cartoons, no more werewolf or vampire stories, no more science fiction stories, no more of the good entertainment. Instead, everything will be replaced with broadcasts of Quranic recitals, and there will bloodshed of the remaining Christians because the Quran says that anything that is not Islamic must be purged because God says so. And worse of all, belly dancing will be banned. That's right, to anyone who loves belly dancing, that will be completely banned. That beautiful feminine dance, were women move those hips in that elegant and fluid manner will be completely destroyed and purged.

We must say no to the Islamic takeover. Christians of the globe, Christ needs you to preserve the True Word of God. Catholics and Orthodox, cease your hatred and differences and unite to combat the one enemy that wishes to destroy the cultures of the faithful. To the Copts of Egypt, to the Maronite Catholics, the Melkites, the Syriacs, the Nestorians, Chaldeans, and all Eastern Churches: Help us reclaim the lands we lost by expanding your populations in Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Algeria, the whole Middle East, help your fellow Arab Christians regain their ground and the courage to stand up spiritually to the Muslim overlords. Show them no fear, for whoever persecutes Christians, persecutes Christ and God.

To the Russian Orthodox Church and all the Orthodox Churches in the Former Socialist Republics: Your motherlands need you. Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Crimea, all of you do your part and increase your population by filling it or preach to the Muslims in your area, show them no fear, show them no hate or bitterness, reproduce or preach and preserve your traditions, your heritage, your past, present, and future.

To the Eastern Orthodox Churches of Europe: Put the past behind you and join with the Catholic Church, we need you to fight this spiritual Crusade, preach to all Turks, your enemies, forgive them for what they have done to you during Ottoman years and bring the Turks to the light, to the truth.

To the American People: Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants, look at what's happening, our country is being slowly taken over by Muslims. Mosques here in the US now preach hatred and intolerance, the Muslim will preach their so called faith by manipulating the media, our newspapers,our politics, they seek to destroy what we value. Stop abortions, for every kid you kill, you have given the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, the Saudis, and the Iranians the chance to infiltrate our country and reproduce like rabbits, madly and with no control.

Save our cultures! Save our way of life! Save the Middle East! Save Israel! Save belly dancing!  Save the World! And save the Christian Faith.  Preach to the Muslims and bring them to the light, reproduce and keep the culture alive and flowing.

This is Victor Delta Kitsune signing off.

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