Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Anti-Catholicism on, a "comedy" website known for its vulgar toilet humor, rampant profanity and overall lack of anything that tickles the funnybone (unless disgusting humor is your forte, in which case I advise you to re-evaluate your tastes), recently published this article (WARNING:  Read at your own risk; article contains rampant profanity and foul humor) about supposed "half-a****" apologies for "historic crimes".  The #1 entry on the list is what caught my eye.

The portion accuses the Catholic Church of giving a poor apology for its "historic crimes", including the anti-Catholic's favorite grievances; the Inquisition, the Crusades, Galileo, "oppression" of science, oppression of gays, etc.

I post this not because it's anything new, but just because it's another example of the anti-Catholics refusal to look deeper into these issues, and instead rely on classic anti-Catholic canards.  For example, if they dug deeper into recent scholarship, they might see that the Crusades were actually a good thing (paving the way for the Rennaisance anyone?), the Inquisition was never as bad as they say it is, and that far from oppressing science, the Church actively promoted it (the first astronomical observations were made by Jesuit priests, and one of those Jesuits, Nicolaus Copernicus, created the Heliocentric theory and was NEVER censured for it), and even the CDC has recently admitted that homosexuals are more likely to contract AIDS and STDs than hetereosexuals.

Something to chew on.

Pax Christi.  Let us pray for those who hate Holy Mother Church.

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