Thursday, May 20, 2010

Let me Posit a Question

If you're friend was deathly ill, what would you do; call 911 so he can be taken to the hospital, or would you steal a car and take him there yourself?

You would call 911?  Good, I hope that was your answer, hypothetical reader of this blog.

Which brings me to the meat of this post; recently a nun at a Catholic hospital in Phoenix encurred automatic excommunication because she allowed an abortion to take place to save the life of the mother.  Catholic teaching plainly states that ANY abortion is wrong no matter what the circumstance, because the end result is the murder of an innocent human being.  NOTHING EVER JUSTIFIES THAT!  THE ENDS DO NOT JUSTIFY THE MEANS!

Which is why I'm disgusted to see that so many believe it was OK for the nun to do what she did and the bishop was wrong in standing up for Church teaching.  Even so-called "Christians" are OK with an innocent baby being murdered brutally in the womb so that the mother may live.  I'm shocked and hurt that such people would be so willing to see unborn children immolated to Molech, so to speak.

Disgusting.  I will pray for these misguided souls

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