Friday, October 15, 2010

"Absurd overreach" is right!

I found this one in my e-mail inbox.

A school principal in California has filed a lawsuit against his school district, saying he's been punished and threatened with job termination for appearing in a video promoting a prayer breakfast to honor teachers.

Foothill Elementary principal Craig Richter is being represented by the Alliance Defense Fund. ADF senior counsel Joseph Infranco tells OneNewsNow the school district disciplined the principal, who is a Christian, for making a 30-second appearance in a video promotion of the event.

The principal wasn't proselytizing or promoting one particular form of prayer over another.  All he did was appear in a video promoting an event, one that happened to be a prayer breakfast.  How does THAT violate this "separation of church and state" folks keep talking about?

Just another example of how ridiculous PC lunacy has become in this country.

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