Sunday, October 3, 2010

Eco-propanganda vid reveals that the mask is coming off

Have you ever heard of something called the "10:10" initiative?  It's apparently something designed to get people around the world to reduce their carbon footprints by 10%.

They're also responsible for this gem.

Let me say right now that I support being good stewards of the environment.  The Bible supports it in the implications present in Genesis 1.  I'm all for reducing pollution and preserving our natural resources and wonders.

But this?  This is hate, plain and simple.

This type of homicidal misanthropy is all too commonplace in the radical environmentalist movement.  A while ago, Greenpeace made a video on "climate change" that showed a stone faced young man sneering threatingly while making patricidal and homicidal insinuations.

Jimmy Akin had this to say about it over at his blog.

According to the 10:10 initiative, the script for this video was written by “Britain’s leading comedy writer, Richard Curtis,” who is the director of the 2003 romantic comedy, “Love Actually.” What the video displays, however, is hate, actually. Hatred of those who disagree with you such that you find it funny to ironically lie to them (“No pressure”) and then depict their bloody and explosive deaths in graphic detail (shlurppp!) . . . even if they are children.

And that's what it boils down to.  The movement has been so drenched in anti-human rhetoric that now the mask is coming off and the horrific misanthropy that's been seething under the surface, and that breeds groups like Sea Shepherd and the Earth Liberation Front (which has a fetish for arson and death threats) and the so called "Voluntary Human Extinction Movement" which seeks to rid the Earth of humans by convincing us not to have children, and which leads to make propaganda like this making not-so-veiled threats against those who question you, is spilling out in a torrent.

The Gospel of life has never been needed more badly that it has now.

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