Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Letter to a Pro-Abortion "Catholic"

I will not reveal this person's name, because I 1) Do not want anyone going after her in a spirit of anything but charity, and 2) The last thing I need is pro-aborts spamming my blog with threats and foul language.

I read your post on your livejournal about how you believe abortion should remain legal.  I must say that I am disappointed that you would so willingly cooperate with a grave evil by saying it should be legal for a mother to murder her innocent baby.

Do you have any idea what an abortion looks like?  I won't post any graphic images on here, but I will tell you that there is nothing more horrible.  Victims of abortion are dismembered, burned with chemicals, destroyed with drugs, and even have their brain sucked out with a vacuum pump after first being stabbed in the head with a pair of surgical forceps (partial-birth abortion).  And, I don't have time to list them, but new studies have revealed that a fetus feels pain when this happens.  Can you honestly tell me that this should remain legal?

An unborn baby is not just a mass of tissue; it is a living, breathing human life.  It has it's own heartbeat, brain patterns and it's own unique genetic code, separate from the mother's.  In short, it IS a human life, and all human life is precious and has dignity.  THAT is why abortion is wrong; it is the deliberate killing, the MURDER, of an innocent human life, and the Bible tells us that "Thall shalt not kill" (Exodus 20:15).

Furthermore, can you see into the future?  I would bet all the gold in Fort Knox that you cannot.  We are not prophets.  Then, how can you tell me that you know what will happen should abortion be made illegal?  How do you know that we will not grow up as a society and see that abortion is a brutal act of murder (as we should)?  We cannot know the future for certain, so why should we let that stop us from protecting innocent human life by banning the butchery of abortion?  I don't see how we should.

I urge you as a fellow Catholic to rethink this.  One of the best bumper sticker slogans I ever read was one that said "You can't be Catholic and Pro-Choice".  It's true, you cannot call yourself a servant of the Lord and still support the slaughter of innocent life.  I will pray for you that the Lord may soften your heart and you will join us in the fight to end the American Genocide.

May the peace of Christ be with you always.

A Catholic in Virginia Beach

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