Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Back from unplanned hiatus and WTH?

After having been on a non-intended hiatus for the past few days (I neglected my poor little blog), I am back.

And I found this on LSN:

CORDOBA, Spain, November 10, 2010 ( - A Spanish judge has ruled that a violent occupation of the Cathedral of Cordoba by a group of Muslims in March of this year did not violate the nation's law against offending religious sentiments.
According to Europa Press, the judge occupying the seat of the Fourth Court of Instruction of Cordoba ruled that the incursion into the cathedral, which culminated in an assault on several guards and a policeman, was merely a "public disorder" and was not intended to offend anyone's religious sentiments.
"There isn't so much an intention to minimize or harm the religious sentiments of the Catholic religion so much as an attempt to favor, not to say clearly impose, in a false gesture of tolerance, the possibility of carrying out joint worship [in the cathedral]," the judge declared. "It doesn't act to demerit or discredit the Catholic religion, but rather in favor of joint use."
Spanish Muslims have long demanded the right to carry out Islamic worship in the Cathedral of Cordoba, which was demolished by Muslims in the 8th century and replaced with a mosque following their conquest of the area.  The cathedral was rebuilt in the 13th century after Christians reconquered Cordoba. However, much of the original architecture of the mosque was left intact.
Despite a prohibition against Islamic worship in the cathedral, a group of approximately one hundred Muslims from Austria entered the building during Holy Week on March 31, led by an imam and sporting walkie-talkies.  After they began to carry out the rites of the Islamic religion they were confronted by security guards and police, several of whom suffered injuries after being attacked by eight members of the group, one of whom brandished a knife. The eight aggressors were arrested, while the rest were allowed to go free after being forcibly removed from the cathedral.

OK, let me see if I get this straight; A group of Muslims who (most likely illegally) occupied the Cathedral of Cordoba in order to hold Islamic religious rites, despite that the fact that it is a rebuilt Christian cathedral and meant for the celebration of Holy Mass, and they were NOT offending anyone's religious sensibilities?

We Catholics are VERY particular about what we use our churches for (well, most of us anyway) and let me tell you, it is VERY offensive when someone else invades a church to hold their own religious rites.  Not very politically correct, but the Truth isn't PC at all.  The Cathedral of Cordoba is NOT a mosque anymore, despite some remnants of the mosque today, and it is NOT meant for holding Islamic prayer services. 

Yet the Spanish courts seem to think that it wasn't meant to be offend Catholics?  Allow me to explain; they invaded the cathedral to use for their rites because in their minds, it's still a mosque.  In Islam, once something is taken over for Islam, it stays that way, and it can never be given back.  So, the Muslims invading the mosque were doing it to stick their fingers into the eyes of Christians by saying "See?  This is our building and we can walk in whenever we want!".

O Glorious Saint Benedict, pray for Europe.

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