Friday, November 26, 2010

Free Asia Bibi!


Pakistan woman sentenced to death for Christian beliefs
Asia Bibi is a Pakistani Christian who, following a discussion with several Muslim colleagues, was accused of having pronounced offensive words against the Prophet Mohammed and was denounced to the local Imam. Her offense: claiming that Christianity is true.
The Imam asked the police to intervene and an investigation began leading to her arrest on the accusation of violating code 295 of the penal code, which provides for the death penalty for blasphemy.
Pope Benedict has made a plea for her release saying:
"Over these days the international community is, with great concern, following the situation of Christians in Pakistan, who are often victims of violence or discrimination. In particular, I today express my spiritual closeness to Ms Asia Bibi and her family while asking that, as soon as possible, she may be restored to complete freedom. I also pray for people who find themselves in similar situations, that their human dignity and fundamental rights may be fully respected."
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has the ability to intervene to help save this woman. Call your legislators and tell them to urge Secretary Clinton to request the Ms. Bibi be pardoned, released, or exiled to the United States.
Your voice matters.  Do not delay.

Pray, pray, pray for this woman to be spared.  Pray for an end to dominance by Sharia law which does not recognize religious freedom, or any kind of real freedom for that matter.  Write to your Senators and Representatives and ask them to denounce this atrocity and pressure our government to intervene on her behalf.

Our voice really does count.

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