Monday, November 23, 2009

Society's Tolerance of Evil

Society has grown and changed over the years.  Unfortunately, for every great good that has come about, great evil has followed not to far behind.  And, increasingly, our society has begun to tolerate evil in its various forms.

Many will argue that there is no longer any such thing as good and evil.  Those notions died a long time ago, they say.  There are no good or evil, only what we perceive.  This is a false notion.  There is, and will always be, acts that are inherently evil, just as there are acts that are good.

Our society has become numb to those inherently evil acts.  Evil actions happen everyday, and not just the ones that make the headline news.  Every single day, great sins are committed; thousands of unborn babies die in abortion mills; married couples use contraception, closing out the marital act to new life, and do so with no thought whatsoever; the airwaves are infested with pornography, excessive violence, and other morally unacceptable acts, and no one says anything about it; people treat their fellow human beings as trash for any perceived reason, no matter how slight, and show an utter lack of conscience and remorse for their actions because they think such things are an acceptable way to deal with people.

It's inescapable; as our society loses its moral underpinning, as provided by the Church, the religious institutions and the traditional family, we have begun to tolerate these inherently evil acts.  Now, whenever we see these little acts of evil being performed, we either ignore it or, in worse cases, we cheer it on.  We find justification for our sinful acts, and rather than trying to change things for the better, we continue on our path, a path leading us toward ruin.

We must learn to recognize evil and combat it.  We must find our moral underpinnings again.  We must, before our society falls completely under.

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  1. I agree. We need to shut out the evil in our society.