Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Top Ten Turkeys of 2009

This year was filled with joy, happiness and a sense of improvement, despite the hard times we have been having.  This year was also filled with a motley collection of boobs, stooges, bunglers and just plain nitwits who made us all throw our hands up and shout "WHY!?".

Therefore, in honor of this Thanksgiving, I hereby present my list of the top ten turkeys of 2009.

10.  Sarah Silverman:  Star of her own Comedy Central program and first class foul-mouth, Sarah Silverman is no stranger to controversy -- though she certainly is one to civility.  Silverman hit rock bottom however, with an October 2009 obscenity laced tirade against world hunger.  Her solution?  
“What is the Vatican worth, like 500 billion dollars? This is great, sell the Vatican, take a big chunk of the money, build a gorgeous condominium for you and all your friends to live in…and with the money left over, feed the whole f---ing world.”
The Catholic League was quick to point out that the Church operates more hospitals and feeds more of the world's poor than any other private organization, and regularly runs a deficit due to all her giving.  Therefore, for firing her mouth off without thinking --again-- Sarah Silverman has earned herself the tenth spot on this list.

9.  Chris Matthews:  MSNBC anchor and host of Hardball Chris Matthews is well known for his aggressive interviewing style.  He's also become well known for a November 23rd interview with Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence, RI, in which he gave the Bishop an insulting lecture on the Church's refusal to support the Senate version of the health care reform bill.  At issue?  The fact that the bill is expected to be amended to include public funding of abortion services.  Matthews refused to even allow the Bishop to respond and instead attacked the Church for it's refusal to compromise her moral principles.  For that, he has earned the number nine spot on my list.

8.  Phil Attey and  The Church is no stranger to hatred from the militant homosexual movement for its uncompromising support for traditional marriage.  Phil Attey, a DC homosexual activist and self-described "Liberal-Gay-Ardent Obama Supporter" (try saying that one ten times fast), took this to the next level with his new project  The sites purpose is as follows:
According to one news report, “Attey is going to approach priests he thinks are gay, and warn them that they better stop lobbying against gay people, seeing how gay they are…or…else?”
 In other words, to intimdate priests into compromising the Church's moral teachings by objecting to her condemnation of homosexual "marriage", or risk being outed to the world.  For making friends and influencing people -- through blackmail, Phil Attey and earn the number 8 spot on my list.

7.  The European Court of Human Rights:  Ostensibly in place to protect the basic rights of all Europeans, the European Court of Human Rights must have an exception clause in its charter when it comes to Christians.  On November 3rd, the Court ruled that all crucifixes in Italian classrooms must be removed.  Because displaying the symbol of Italy's majority faith violates human rights, they say.  Needless to say, the Italians weren't too happy about this, and displayed some serious intestinal fortitude when mayors across the country ordered the crucifixes to remain in place, defying the ruling.  For showing callous disregard for the rights of Italian Catholics to display their faith in public, the European Court of Human Rights earns the lucky number seven spot on my list.

6.  The Freedom from Religion Foundation:  The supposed "voice" of America's atheists, the Freedom from Religion Foundation made waves with its "Imagine No Religion" billboard campaign.  That one was certainly bad enough, but the Foundation had the dubious honor of kicking off the nation's culture wars in 2009 by demanding that the Detroit suburd of Warren remove a municipally funded nativity scene, arguing that it violated the Constitution by being a public display of faith (ok I made that last part up, but it sure seems they think that way).  For once again demanding America's religious heritage be kicked to the curb, the Freedom from Religion Foundation earns the number six spot on my list.

5.  Van Jones:  Obama's "Green Jobs Czar" (as if the word "czar" isn't bad enough) attracted controversy in 2009 when several embarassing little snippets came to light, including...

- His association with STORM (Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement), a Marxist political group that candidly advocated a communist revolution in America.

- His advocacy for the release of convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal

- The fact that his name appeared on a petition issued by 9/, a website that contends that the 9/11 terrorist attacks were an "inside job" perpetrated by the Bush Administration.

For being a political hack of the Obama administration and hiding his radical past, Van Jones earns the fifth spot on my list.

4.  The University of Notre Dame:  Formally one of the great institutions of Catholic higher learning in the country, Notre Dame elected to sacrifice it's Catholic identity on the altar of "hope and change" when it conferred an honorary law degree on President Barack Obama in 2009.  Obama's persistent support of abortion-on-demand and homosexual "marriage" flew in the face of the Church's 2000 year old moral teachings, an as a Catholic institution, the school had a duty to stand for those teachings, yet failed to.  For discarding its Catholic identity in favor of political correctness, the University of Notre Dame earns the number four spot on my list.

3.  The CCHD (Catholic Campaign for Human Development):  Every November 22nd, Catholics around the country receive little envelopes asking for donations to support the the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), the anti-poverty arm of the USCCB.  The mission of the CCHD is "to address the root causes of poverty in America through promotion and support of community-controlled, self-help organizations and through transformative education".  In 2009 however, investigative reporting by EWTN and other Catholic news outlets revealed that CCHD funds have gone to organizations that support the opposite of good community -- mostly through pro-abortion and pro-homosexual "marriage" activities.  Among these organizations are;

- Chinese Progressive Association
- Los Angeles Community Action Network
- Women's Community Revitalization Project
- San Francisco Organizing Project
- Young Workers United
- Preble Street

The USCCB's reponse; defund just two of these groups; Chines Progressive Association and Young Workers United... after they were funded.

For flagrantly defying Church teaching by financially supporting groups which promote evil, the CCHD earns the third spot on my list.

2.  Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN):  ACORN first gained public notoriety in 2008, when evidence surfaced that ACORN staffers were committing voter fraud in several states by submitting fake voter application forms, adding untold numbers of votes for Obama that simply didn't exist.  In 2009, ACORN went even beyond that.  Activists Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe, released a hidden camera video from an investigation they undertook of ACORN offices in Baltimore, Washington D.C., Brooklyn, San Diego, San Bernadino, Philadelphia and Los Angeles.  Posing as a prostitute and a pimp, the pair videotaped ACORN staffers giving advice on home loans, tax evasion, and disguising the identities of underaged prostitutes brought in from El Salvador.  ACORN's response was to accuse the pair, without any evidence whatsoever, that the videos had been dubbed over or staged in some way.  The only thing they got was that their relationship with the 2010 U.S. Census was terminated.  For giving advice on how to sell children as sex slaves and then making false accusations to save their own collective skin, ACORN earns the number two spot on my list.

1.  President Barack Obama:  Elected on a wave of "hope and change" grandstanding, despite that fact of his consistent support of abortion-on-demand, infanticide in the form of partial-birth abortion, and homosexual "marriage", President Barack Obama made many grandiose promises, nonetheless that he would shrink the deficit.  Instead, he piled on $787 billion in pork and earmarks in his "economic stimulus" bill, and piled on further billions rescuing failing companies and banking institutions, adding to the already bloated federal deficit.  In addition, he threatens to add further billions by passing a massive health care bill including a "public option" (read, gateway for government run healthcare) into law.  For breaking his promise to the American people and saddling our children and grandchildren with massive federal debts, President Barack Obama earns the number one spot on my list.

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