Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hate Brigade protests funeral; Patriot Guard there to protect the family

Shirley Phelps, the current leader of the WBC hate brigade that came out to picket the funeral of LCpl. Kielin T. Dunn, and her minions were out in force at 10:15 am this morning for the funeral service.  You can rest assured that the usual hate signs and evil words were spat at the people just trying to mourn the death of their fallen son.  But, so were the Patriot Guard riders.

This motley collection of leather-clad bikers was formed in 2005 specifically to counter the pickets of Westboro Baptist Church, shielding mourners from their hateful rhetoric by literally forming walls with their bikes and drowning them out with their engines.  They were out today at the funeral doing what they do best.

God bless them and may God comfort the mourners.  My prayers are with them.


  1. I was the Mission R/C for LCpl Kielin T. Dunn, USMC, a 19 year old Marine who gave his life so his fellow brother Marine would be saved. His service, his sacrifice is why the Patriot Guard Riders are there. Nothing More.... Nothing Less.

    As a PGR Leadership member in Hampton Roads and the Commonwealth of Virginia, Allow me to state. . . WBC is a "mind over matter" issue. We (PGR) don't mind. . . because they don't matter. The sole reason the PGR shows up (whether there's uninvited guest or not) is because the mourning family has INVITED us to pay respect and honor their loved one who's given their all in the name of freedom and everything we hold dear in this republic known as the United States of America.

    For the three (3) segments of LCpl Dunn Mission, I did not observe any uninvited guest known to come from a church in Kansas. I did observe counter protestors... and I can only request. . . If nobody gave this group the time of day... especially the news media. . . the group would have NO impact on the services of any American Military member Defending what many take for granted. Any one can stand on the street... have signs and yell.... no effort required if provoked. The real strength is to "Stand in Silent Witness" not acknowledge a repugnant group of people attempting to disrupt everything that many of us hold dear to our very core.
    Keep The Faith.
    V/R, RP

  2. Sir, I thank you for your kind comment and your service to the grieving family.