Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sea Shepherd decides to re-enact the Battle of Leyte Gulf; Only the Japanese are the good guys this time

If you watch these videos, you will clearly see Sea Shepherd's crew of pirates shooting projectiles from an air cannon at the Japanese ships.  Yes, an air cannon, the same type of device that aircraft manufacturers use to test the windshields of planes against bird strike, subjecting them to speeds they would encounter while in the air.  What would happen should one of those projectiles (Sea Shepherd claims they are bottles of butyric acid) strikes a crewman on board the Japanese ship?  Most likely cause serious injury or death, but I doubt SSCS would show any sympathy.

Another example of the long history of clearly violent and aggressive acts on SSCS' part, and yet they, and their defenders, will still claim they are "non-violent" and will claim to be only enforcing the law, backed up by Paulie Watson's dollar store toy badge.

It's high time to cancel their little reality show on Animal Planet and revoke their tax-exempt status.  Our tax money should not be going to fund this little pirate outfit.

Pax Christi.

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