Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's time to fight back

With all the recent attacks against our Faith and our Church by those who despise it because of the hit pieces by the New York Times, it is quite clear that the Devil has found an ideal vehicle with which to attack the Church that Christ founded.

We must not let him win!  Our Church is undergoing a period of purification, a Long Lent, and Satan is not going to make it easy for us.  As our Holy Father and the Vatican implements reforms to insure that these horrors never happen again, let us fight back against the Evil One's relentless attacks!  Turn your anger and frustration into holy zeal!

I ask you to join me in saying this prayer for just this purpose.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Church You founded is suffering.  Let your healing love which burns in Your Sacred Heart pour out on us.  Heal us of our anger, our frustration, and all our hurts.  Have mercy on your vicars and priests and instill holy zeal in them.  Be with the victims who must suffer not only from their abuse, but also from the relentless reminders from the ongoing attacks on Your Church.  Heal them, O Lord, from all hurts.  

O Glorious St. Michael the Archangel, defender of the Church, by your intercession drive back the attacks of the Devil.  Smash his plans to ruins and bring all his schemes to naught!  Guard the holy Church from all taint of evil and from all the wiles of Satan and his angels!  Defend us in our continuing battle against all the forces of darkness!

Most Holy Virgin Mary, mother of God, by your prayers bring us comfort, hope and healing.

Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us!

We ask this through Christ our Lord.  Amen.

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