Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hat's off to Argentina

BUENOS AIRES, March 10, 2010 ( - An Argentinan judge has nullified the "marriage" recently contracted between two homosexuals in the city of Buenos Aires, and has ordered them to return all documents related to the union.

Judge Felix Igarzabal, a national judge, reversed a previous decision by a Buenos Aires judge permitting the "marriage" between Damian Bernath, 39, and Jorge Salazar Capon, 43, in late February.

Igarzabal based his decision on article 172 of Argentina's national civil code, which states that the "complete and free consent expressed personally by a man and a woman before the authority that is competent to celebrate it, is indispensable for the existence of matrimony."

And encouraging sign, despite the increasingly leftward tilt of many Latin American countries.  Our own judges could take a lesson from this and take a stand for God's plan for marriage (one man, one woman).

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