Monday, April 12, 2010

Lesson #1: This is what the poison of modernism does to a church

An Episcopal church in Virginia Beach is the only one in the region and one of two in the state to join a national group calling for full inclusion of gay and lesbian people in the church.
Eastern Shore Chapel Episcopal Church on Laskin Road recently formed a chapter of the Episcopal group Integrity. Last month, the church's vestry also approved a statement called "Believe Out Loud" that welcomes gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in its congregation.
"Words are great, but you've got to put some action to the words," said the Rev. Chris Thompson, the rector at Eastern Shore Chapel. "The time was appropriate so we're going full speed ahead."

You guys are joking right?

If you want a great example of what the heresy of modernism does to a church, look no further than our own home grown Anglican body.  The decay that's spreading in Katharine Schori's ecclesial community is even worse than what's happening to the Catholic Church in America.  First ordination of openly homosexual clergy, then the blessing of homosexual unions (they say they're not marriages, but they pretty much are), now this?  Granted it's only a couple of churches, but how many more will there be?  I predict a lot more.

I bring this up not because it's particularly shocking, but because it is a prime example of the destructive power of modernism.  This poison that has been spreading through religious communities in America is tearing churches apart and diluting, if not outright destroying, the faith of countless Americans.  It is more imperative than ever that we must fight modernism in our century.

Pax Christi, and pray for the Church in America.

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