Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pouillion murderer sentenced to life in prison

Harlan Drake, the truck driver who shot and killed pro-life activist James Pouillon and local gravel pit owner Mike Fuoss, has been sentenced to life in prison.The sentence was handed down by Circuit Judge Gerald D. Lostracco on Thursday. According to the Flint Journal, the judge told Drake that, “As you go off to prison today, you’re certainly no hero in anyone’s book.”
Drake shot and killed Pouillon on September 11, 2009, as the pro-life grandfather stood outside of the Owosso High School, holding a sign with the picture of a child and the word “Life” on one side, and a picture of an aborted baby on the other.
Drake stated during the trial that he specifically targeted Pouillon for his pro-life activities, and that he only decided to kill Fuoss, a former employer against whom he had a grudge, after shooting Pouillon and realizing that he
Justice has been served.  That is all.

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